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Cafe Analog – December Daily


Last year we had a great time with our worldwide friends doing a December Daily , so we decided to do it again.

Please feel free to join and share in the fun in YOUR way!

What is December Daily? To keep it short: A creative Journal through December with some hints and prompts from us!

And how does it work? Look at the prompt of that day and make a collage about it, or draw or write about it.

We even made a very cute Stickerset  for it!

You can keep it simple and just answer the hint or prompt or question and that’s it.  Or you can take a plunge in the deep and write your heart out! Just follow your mood and your heart!

Of course it all depends on how much time you have, try to avoid the pressure of ‘having to’ and ‘being behind’

Even if you don’t do all days, just pick the prompts that spark something!

Fifteen minutes a day are enough we think, maybe after diner when the kids are in bed?

The weekend prompts are a bit more intensive – but only if YOU want them to be!

Print out the list and put it before the first page!

Here’s the list!


If you like you can follow and share your Daily on Instagram with #cafeanalogdecemberdaily

Or on the Cafe Analog Facebook pagina.

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