April Challenge

April Challenge


Are you done with your check-in for this month? Here is your Challenge for April: ‘MY FAVORITE SONGS’

Remember writing down the lyrics of your favorite song, when you were still in school? Here’s your chance for a sentimental journey! Use the title, the lyrics or a soundtrack to make a spread. What song makes you turn up the radio, and why? What feeling or memory does it bring back?

Feel free to make more then 1 spread, because I sure have more then 1 favourite song.


This example was made by @purperdraakje / Natalie Westendorp

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Posted 4 January 2019 by Desiree in category "projectme19


  1. By Maggie on


    May I join the challege now in April?

    Thanks for having me.

    1. By Desiree (Post author) on

      Hello Maggie and Welcome!
      Of course you may! Looking forward to your entries!


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