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Hello dear Café Analog visitors,

This is me: Esmée Kleijnen, 23 years old and living in the southern most part of the Netherlands.

I have been making papercreations for as long as I can remember, so it is no surprise that eventually I started journaling two years ago.

With this blog I will take you on a journal adventure.

Today I am going to write about how I started journaling.

In the next blogs you can read about what I have been working on for the last couple of days and some journaltips I have for you.

As a child I thought it was amazing to write, draw, paint and craft.

Especially around the holidays, because we had the tradition of my mother bringing out all the craft supplies.

We would spend the entire afternoon making viewing boxes with family and drinking a cup of tea.

I could really enjoy those moments.

When I became older, I thought that crafting was a little bit childish. That is why I stopped doing it. Until I was visiting a friend at the age of thirteen. A sketchbook was lying on her desk with inside it all selfmade creations. The pictures she used came from a magazine.

I thought the creations were beautiful! Enthusiastically I began working on it myself. I soon noticed that it started to work therapeutically. It gave me peace and I could also put my creativity into it.

So it all started with a sketchbook, some magazines, scissors and some glue. The sketchbook became thicker and thicker. Because of this it was increasingly fun to browse through. I kept  a private diary that I decorated  at school as well.(like almost every teennager).

My friend and I had even made up a secret code that we could apply without difficulty. I also wanted other people to write in my diary. It was full of messages from classmates.


After secondary school I started my study Social Work. Here I met new people with whom I went to Spain when I was nineteen. I thought it was fun to keep those memories. Armed with a notebook and a pen, I went on the trip. I tried to write down as many details as possible so I wouldn’t forget it.

I  collected a lot of materials from the trip, such as photos, tickets and pictures. When I got back home I made a scrapbook out of this.It was the first time that I actively started scrapbooking. From that moment on I have scrapbooked every week.

Since then I have filled five scrapbooks, that I still browse through today.

A few scrapbooks and years later I noticed that I missed writing.  Usually I solved this by writing in a diary. This time I decided to start a journal. In it I would bundle everything. It was the best decision ever! I came up with the idea because of Anne Kuiper from Gouden Lijntjes. I met her at KreaDoe 2017 in Utrecht. She combined drawings with text in her journal. I also started trying that.

And now we have arrived the end of this blog. The combination of drawing and writing is a routine that I still apply.

Did you like this blog? Next month you can read what I am currently working on. I have a number of nice projects that I would like to share with you. You can also follow me on Instagram (@golden.notebooks).



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