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  1. By Dennis Van Der Stroom on

    Er zijn meerdere producten die ik graag zo u willen op.sold out. Wanneer komen deze weer. Zoals sommige stempels

    1. By Desiree on

      Hi Dennis
      Als je me even wilt mailen welke je bedoelt kan ik kijken wat ik voor je kan doen!

  2. By liz on

    good Morning,

    I am new here and new to Travelers Notebooks. I am absolutely in love with mine. I started off in a happy planner then I saw a TN and bought one and in love. I enjoy taking it with me everywhere and just writing down what comes to mind, moods, likes dislikes….. I also included a junk journal signature and just let creativity flow…..

    1. By Desiree on

      Hi Liz, so great to hear, hope you have use for our challenges this summer too?

  3. By Santi Konanjaya on

    Hi Desiree, my name is Santi from Indonesia. I am a ‘3 adilts-kids’ mom. I love writing since I was teenager, but I am very amateur on Traveller Notebook, just having them few months ago 🙂
    But I really love it and now I’m starting a 2nd insert of them.

    I have a regular trip to Amsterdam every year (on June or July), I hope I could visit your store and meeting you on the next June.

    Thank you

    1. By Desiree on

      Hello Santi! So nice to hear from you! Sorry to say that June and July are our vacation months, and we don’t have a physical store so you could not visit us.
      But I would be more then happy to tell you the best adresses to shop in Amsterdam if you want!

  4. By Littlelambkin on

    Hello! I’d love to have a Christian pen friendship. Please write to my E-mail for further discussion, so we can exchange addresses. kraaah@gmx.net

    1. By Idalia on

      Hello IF you are still interested I would be willing to write you. You can email me and check me out before you commit.

  5. By Shawnee Charles on

    Hello my fellow Pen -Friend ladies. I recently learned of this site. I am looking for anyone who loves vintage, all things paper related. I love love my Midori Traveller Notebook. Its my only journal I have read so many people who are looking for pen friends. Shawnee Charles, PO Box 386 , Chester California 96020. I have plently of time on my hands to make some mail art. I had to stop working since 2009, due to being a can or survivor. I am learning about everything Cafe Analog its so beautiful too me. I love the idea of fountain pens and how they write. I can’t afford one but it does not matter because I watch those that do. Its so dreamy am I right! (Giggles). I been buying slowly things cafe analog because its beautiful too me. Stamps, vintage paper, I wohjld love to exchange letter’s. Sincerely Shawnee

    1. By Julie Mangold on

      I live in the USA and would love a pen pal. I am a longtime scrapbooker, into Junk Journals and write in one daily. If you are interested e mail me at annrietz@icloud.com. I am 71 but very active.

  6. By Mildred on

    Hello !
    My name is Mildred Li also Fat Dandelions. Yesterday was my birthday. I missed out on the meeting on Sunday april 7th. I wanted to order but the ownerDesirée is in Japan on a business. So I lucked out. Gotta wait till she comes back. Next workshop I wanna be there ! So lately my New interest is Bullet journalling Snailmail and Happymail.

  7. By Paula on

    Hey, hello, I’m glad I came across cafe analog! I have really been enjoying writing in my journal for quite some years but am rather new to putting time into making my journal visually appealing as well. So far: it’s quite wonderful.
    I also really like (trying to) write poems 🙂 I’ve never had a penpal and it would be cool to start exchanging snail mail with someone anytime soon – my instagram is @cartridge.thoughts which is where I post pictures of a few pages of my poetry journal

    1. By Natalie Young on

      Hi I’m Natalie from Australia and I’m new to the club . Will enjoy reading your poems 😘

    2. By Shawnee Charles on

      Dear Paula, I am going to read your poems, I would love to exchange letter’s. Sincerely Shawnee

  8. By Inés on

    I am new un penpals world and I would like to exchange letters with people all over the world.
    I am 39 and I LOVE allí the vintage things, the stationery of course. I am a lover of literature (I love reading and writing). If you are interested, please, you can contact DM on Instagram @mrpostman79

  9. By Dee on

    Happy New Year! I’m new to the group and I’m looking forward to all the creative ideas and sharing. I would be interested in a writing pal! I’ve always loved handwritten letters, especially in this day and age of technology. If interested, DM me on my IG account @dee.aurandt.art

  10. By Joyce on

    Hoi, mijn naam is joyce ben 40 jaar en ik woon vlakbij den bosch. Zoek wat gezellige penvriendinnen, liefst uit Nederland.
    Zou het leuk vinden als er iemand uit de buurt komt, waar ik misschien ooit eens koffie mee kan drinken of gezellig een planneravondje kan houden.
    Je kunt me toevoegen op instagram: by_joyce_c

    Wie weet tot hoors! Groetjes!

  11. By Bibi on

    Hi everyone! My name is Bibi, 23 years old and living in the Netherlands. I’m a bullet journaller, but I enjoy being creative with almost everything: photography, drawing, fabric. Lately I’ve been figuring out watercoloring and handlettering, which is pretty hard as a leftie 😂 If you want to contact me or see some of my stuff, you can find me on IG: @bbulletjournal

  12. By Bibi on

    Hi everyone! My name is Bibi, 23 years old and living in the Netherlands. Ikm a bullet journaller, but I love to be creative with anything. Lately I have been figuring out watercoloring and some handlettering, but as a leftie that’s pretty hard 😂. Nice to meet all of you! If you want to contact me or see some of my stuff, you can fine me on IG: @bbulletjournal

  13. By Yuka on

    Hi, I’m Yuka from Japan and looking for pen pals from all over the world.
    (Especially interested in Malaysia, UK, Finland, Holland, Spain, Italy, France and Germany).

    I grew up in Midwest and Westcoast of U.S.A. and now living in Japan for more than 15 years.
    I speak and write English fluently but I’d love to have pen pals with little English skill, too.

    I love autumn colors such as brown, orange, green, red and vintage-look of my paper art.
    I also love nature cutouts such as animals, leaves, nuts, trees, and flowers.
    So, it’ll be great if I can find pen pals who like them also.
    Of course, I can always include rainbow of colors of washi tape, stickers, Japanese stamps, washi paper for outgoing mails if you like.

    I love arts and crafts and ‘been an interior designer and a jewelry designer for many years.
    I’ve been worked with paper, clay, metals, woods, gems, stones, and fabrics.
    For the love of stationaries, I’ve been addicted to trying different types of paper, ink, pens, pencils, stickers, glue and anything to use to create art pieces.

    I’ve been exchanging letters from old friends in US and Japan until I graduated from college.
    Now, I’m in love with mail art and want to find a mail art lover as a my first pen pal!
    It’ll be nice to exchange mail art collages or nifty findings from your area 4~6 times a year.
    May not be so often but long and strong friendship will be nice.
    I don’t have PC or I-phone of my own so if you are interested, please leave a comment on my Twitter account.
    We can exchange address there.
    Thank you Café Analog, for providing this great place.

    1. By Iris on

      Hello Yuka, I don’t have an instagram account, would it be possible for you to leave your E-mail here so I can contact you? I would be happy! Iris

    2. By Simona on

      Salve anche io ho i tuoi stessi gusti e da un po’ mi diletto con composizioni di scrapbooking, paper art e sax seals.Come possiamo contattarci per scriverci? A presto, Simona

      1. By Yuka on

        Hello, Simona! It’s Yuka.
        I am so sorry for my late reply.
        It wasn’t in English at all, or didn’t have my name that I thought your message was not for me.
        I’ve just did an automatic translation on the internet.
        I’m so happy that you have similar taste!
        To contact me, please contact Desiree of CafeAnalog on this site.
        She can give you my e-mail address to reach me.
        Can you write any in English at all?
        If not I’ll use internet translation again.
        Thank you and I hope this message reaches you.
        I apologize again for not understanding this reply system well.

    3. By Joyce cornelissen on

      Hello yuka,
      Would like to be penpals! Do you have an instagram account? Joyce

      1. By Yuka Umeno on

        Hi, Joyce!
        It’s Yuka, but you’ve replied to Simona.
        Did you try to reach Simona and not Yuka?

      2. By Yuka on

        Hello, Joyce.
        It’s Yuka, again.
        Sorry, maybe you’ve replied to me.
        Either way, I’m happy to be your penpal.
        I have IG account but don’t have a way to access DM or post images.
        I only use IG to comment others.
        I saw your IG account and I think we have similar taste.
        Desiree of CafeAnalog can give you my e-mail address, so please contact her on this site.
        Thank you!

          1. By Yuka on

            Great! Thank you, Joyce.
            Looking forward to hear from you.

        1. By Joyce on

          Received your adress from Desiree. Will send you a letter this week. I write my adress in the letter.

          1. By Yuka on

            Dear Joyce,
            Good! I will wait for your e-mail.

            Thank you, Desiree!
            for giving us a support!

          2. By Joyce on

            Hi yuka,

            I was curious if i already received my letter, Desiree only gave me your adress and not your emailadress so i could not ask you by mail.

            Thank you! Hope to hear from you. Have a nice day.

          3. By Yuka on

            Hi Joyce,

            Thank you for your message☺
            I’ve received your lovely letter and e-mailed you on December 20, 2018.
            My e-mail address is in yahoo account.
            I’ll e-mail you again when I dispatch my letter to you.
            I hope you can find my e-mail message.
            It has a title of “It’s Yuka”
            You too have a nice day!


          4. By Joyce on

            Hello yuka!

            Good to hear that you received my letter! I was just checking my e-mail but i never received a mail, i can not find it in my mailbox.

            Best, joyce

          5. By Yuka Umeno on


            I’ve sent you a message again today.
            I’ve sent from PC, so please make sure to check your automatic deleted message box just in case it was automatically sorted as bad e-mail messages.
            If you still have trouble not getting my e-mail message, then I probably don’t have correct e-mail address of yours or couldn’t read your writing right.
            If that’s the case will you please wait for few more weeks to receive my actual letter?
            I don’t have time to finish preparing your letter at the moment because of my busy work. Thank you for understanding 🙂


          6. By Yuka Umeno on

            Dear Joyce,

            I’ve just dispatched a letter to you at a post office.
            I hope it will arrive there safely.

            Please let me know when you receive it☺


    4. By Inés on

      I would like yo be your penpals if you want, Yuka and Joyce!

      Please, send me a DM on IG profile: @mrpostman79

      1. By Yuka Umeno on

        Hi, Ines!
        I’d love to be your pen pal.
        But I don’t have a way to send you DM through Instagram.
        Please ask Desiree of CafeAnalog for my address.
        Thank you☺


    5. By Natalie Young on

      Hi there I’m Natalie from Australia. I’m new to the board have just started doing travellers journal a d scrapbooking . Also Japan is one of our favourite travelling places and we have Japanese friends . Would love to be your pen friend 😘

    6. By Shawnee Charles on

      Hello YukA, sorry for late response I don’t have twitter account can you leave a email account number?Sincerely Shawned

    7. By Mand Barber on

      Dear Yuka…

      How lovely to hear all about you. I am a 45yr old lady who loves all things analogue! I also share a lot of your current likes such as Nature, mail art, mixed media art, embroidery, sewing etc not to mention my love of fountain pens and ink which I collect too.

      The reason I replied is that mail art is my thing- I simply love it! I have been combining various media to the challenge – it works as long as its flat and post- able if that’s a word. I too am excited to correspond with someone for a strong and happy friendship where we share our world and its curiosities.

      I often combine vintage paper with hand dyed silks and sewing not to mention stamping and using my vintage ‘Princess’ typewriter to bang out the letters to my current two penpals!

      I have penpals in the UK and in Europe but I would love a penpal from the other side of the world.

      If you are not to inundated and would like to correspond then please do get in touch- my email is: mand.barber@gmx.co.uk

      Best Wishes

      Mand X

  14. By Tara on

    My name is Tara and I live in California, USA. I use to collect stickers and journal when I was a kid, but after I got into university I stopped. Now that I am working, I rediscovered my love for all things stationery. My favorite items to use are stickers, washi tape, and rubber stamps. I would love to have a pen pal or two to write and exchange happy mail with.
    I use to have an email pen pal in China when I was in 5th grade as a school assignment but after the assignment was over we decided to keep that up until I was in my first year of university. I even got a chance to meet her when I went to visit China. It was a wonderful experience and I would like a chance to have that again. I have two dogs and an English budgie.
    Thank you Cafe Analog for creating a space like this for us to have!

    1. By Idalia on

      Hi Tara. I live in Wisconsin, USA. I too am crazy about stationary. I’m interested in exchanging Happy mail and writing. Please just contact me by email or IG idalia.jornals I love Café Analog and am so thankful for them creating this space as well.

  15. By Janine on

    Hi! My name is Janine and i’m looking for a penpal right here in Holland.
    *not shure why I’m writing this in English though xd*
    I love writing long letters, experimenting with different styles and new things and am really trying to “use what i have”
    But still end up buying all sorts of exciting bits and pieces I see coming by on Instagram or at a Stationery café.
    I am 34 and live with my boyfriend and our dog Abby in Bovenkarspel.
    Leave me a note if you would like to exchange some mail 🙂
    You can find me on Instgram @janineve1

    1. By Joyce on

      Hoi Janine, wilde je toevoegen op instagram, maar zie je op de een of andere manier niet. Zou je mij willen toevoegen?

  16. By Steffie on

    Hallo, ik ben Steffie, 44 jaar oud en woon in Rotterdam. Ik ben op zoek naar creatieve mensen in de omgeving van Rotterdam die het leuk vinden om zo nu en dan samen koffie te drinken, bezig te zijn in je journal, beurzen bezoeken en andere leuke dingen. Hoop snel wat reacties te ontvangen.

  17. By Natalie on

    Hi my name is Natalie, I’m 37 and from the UK. I have 2 children and I love reading, books, bookstagramming, discovering new things, journaling and scrapbooking. I’m also a stationary addict lol. I used to have a pen pal from the age of about 11- 30 Years of age but we have now lost touch.i would love to start this up again with someone new. Message me if you are interested ♡♡♡. Also my bookstagram name on Instagram is all_books_great_and_small.

    1. By Steffie on

      I wouldlove to writer to you.

      I’m Steffie, 44 years old. No kids but bf and two Indian Ringneck parrots.
      I love stationery, my journal.
      Hope to hear from you.

      Love, Steffie

    2. By Natalie Young on

      Hi Natalie nice to meet another Natalie 😀

      I’m from Australia and have just got interested in travellers journaling and scrapbooking. Would love some ideas and would love to be your penfriend . I’ve always loved England and would love to maybe go there one day .

  18. By Grace on

    Hello hello! I’m originally from Illinois, but I currently live in Cleveland, OH. I’m 23, and I’ve loved stationery since I was a little kid. I collected stickers when I was in grade school and always couldn’t bear to use my favorites. I got back into stationery and journaling last August. I started bullet journaling, but when I got more busy, I switched to a Traveler’s notebook. I love collecting rubber stamps from different artists/small businesses. I temporarily disabled my journal account, but feel free to follow and DM me on my personal IG @gracelokxu.

    If you’re looking for a pen pal or someone to exchange happy mail with, shoot me a message! There aren’t any stationery stores here, so my selection is pretty limited to online purchases, but I’d love to exchange items/papers that I don’t use much.


    1. By Veronica on

      Hi I’m Veronica Fuentes and I’m still learning how to make vintage letters but I’m loving the inspiration on this website as well as the positive vibes in the comments. I would really like to be a pen pal so that I can continue to practice and learn from others

      1. By Grace on

        Hi Veronica!~

        I’d love to pen pal with you! Please contact me through my Instagram or email (gracelokxu@gmail.com)! ^^

      2. By Inés on

        I would like yo be your penpals if you want, Verónica.
        Please, send me a DM on IG profile: @mrpostman79

    2. By Natalie on

      Hi Grace , im natalie. I would love to become your pen pal. I’m 37 and from the UK. I’m a stationary addict and bookstagrammer. Do you like books too? I do journaling and scrapbooking as well as adult colouring.

      1. By Grace on

        Hi Natalie~~

        That’s awesome! I do love books, but I haven’t had too much time for reading in the psst few years or so. I’d love to get to know you through pen paling! Leave me a DM on IG! (:

  19. By Samantha on

    Hello from Italy! I’m Samantha, I’m 46 year old and I’m a stationery lover. I write every day on my Traveler’s notebook, it’ a little quiet moment in may day just for me. Nice to meet you!

    1. By Ivonne on

      Hi Samantha, my name is Ivonne and I am from California, USA. I’m hoping we can be happymail pals?

      1. By Samantha on

        Hi Ivonne, I’d really like it even if I’m not very good with English! if you are patient trying to understand me I will be happy!

    2. By Natalie on

      Hi samantha, i am natalie and in from the uk. Im 37 years old and am a stationary addict and book addict too. I love journalling and would love to have a penpal. I have a bookstagram account on Instagram and post every day.

      1. By samorsi72 on

        Hi Natalie, I’d like to are your new penpal! Maybe we can ask Desiree to exchange our addresses, I think it works like that.

      2. By Thu on

        Hi Natalie,

        I have been wanting to have some pen pals to share ideas and stuff with so if you’re interested let me know. I am from san francisco, CA

    3. By Moniek Van Mook on

      hey Samantha I am from holland. Love stationary. travelers notebook and Italy. like to be your penpal

      1. By samorsi72 on

        Hi Moniek, I’d really like it! How can we exchange our address?

        1. By samorsi72 on

          I’m still samantha even if you read samorsi72, I accidentally created another account to place an order in the shop!

  20. By Agnes Tirrito on

    Hello! I’m from Texas and have followed the cafe-analog site on IG for several months. It is always a delight to see the posts. My IG is “tirritoa”if anyone wants to follow. I enjoy writing, art journaling, and mixed media art and love using old things…vintage papers mixed with new. I would also like to trade happy mail with people who are interested!

      1. By Idalia on

        I would be willing to exchange happy mail. Let me know if interested.

        1. By samorsi72 on

          Hi Idalia, if it’s okay with you, I’m interested to exange happy mail whit you. You can conctat me on instagram @mymeonlyme.

    1. By Lara on

      Hi Agnes, I’m new to the group and I’d love to trade happy mail! I’ve been looking forward to finding just such an opportunity! I’m @coolcalmandchaotic on IG or you can DM me.

  21. By Michelle GILMORE on

    Greetings from Springfield, IL. I love your Instagram site. I love art journaling and lo ove to send mail art. we need to send more letters! I wish we had a community like this here.

    1. By Idalia on

      Hi Michelle, I’m in Wisconsin. If you are interested in exchanging happy mail and writing I would be interested. IG account Is idalia.journals. My email is order4dolly@yahoo.com.

  22. By Jan on

    Hi! My name is Jan and I’m from the USA. I love your Instagram site and store. I’ve just started to journal, but I’ve found myself buying supplies more than using them! haha Love your site for for the inspiration!


    1. By Idalia Martinez on

      I know that feeling. Where in the USA are you from? Im from Wisconsin:)

      1. By Mai on

        Hi! I grew up in WI but am in Boston now! But when I come home, it’s challenging trying to find fellow stationery folks! Good to know there are people there who enjoy stationery as well!

  23. By Bert Van Herzele on

    Hello, my name is Bert, I am 25 and live in Belgium. I’m a fountain pen enthousiast and collector. I use my journal mainly as a diary. It’s a great way to rotate through my pens and ink. The next step for me now would be to write letters to people I dont know! So, if there is someone out here who wants to recieve mail from me in the future, let me know ;).

    1. By Mand Barber on

      Hi Bert,

      I am from the UK…I am also an avid fountain pen and ink collector( amongst other things) I would love to correspond and talk about our mutual loves and other things. I am a 45 yr old lady who is married with 2 children. I don’t work as I am currently have treatment for a kidney condition. Please email me at: mand.barber@gmx.co.uk.

      Best Wishes

      Mand Barber

  24. By richauyvonne on

    Hello, I‘m Yvi from Switzerland!
    I live here since 10 years! I‘m 39 and I love stationery!
    Search for some penpals from all over the world… writing letters and swap little goodies…
    If you want to see what I use and what I create, feel free to check my Instagram: @planningivy

    Have a nice Saturday evening

    1. By Erika on

      Hi ivy! I’m Erika from Italy, I would like became your penpal to share the love for vintage and letters! Can we exchange addresses on instagram?

    2. By thu on

      Hi Yvi,

      I am new to this but have been following cafe-analog and other journaling IG site for awhile. I love to find penpals from all over the world to share ideas and stuff with. I am from San Francisco,California. Best of luck.

  25. By kerry goergen-todd aka JunKerry Journals on

    Hi Guys, my name is Kerry. I’m Irish but have lived in Luxembourg for many years now. I’ve been a crafter/artist all my life and am now loving Junk Journaling. I have a couple of TN that I love to collage in and keep my life up to date and as organized as possible. I’m not too keen on my writing so I tend to scribble more in my brain dumping insert, but I’m working on improving it.

  26. By Idalia Martinez on

    Hello:) My name is Idalia. I am from the U.S.A. I have just recently purchased a journal and have been real impressed with what i am seeing on Instagram when it comes to some of the people I am following. If anyone is looking for a pen pal please let me know. I am also looking to see what kinds of thing people write in their journals. Just ideas. I really want to start journaling and I am hesitant to start. I used to have a Pen Pal I write to since i was 10 years old and since Facebook been around and she found me there she no longer writes to me and I miss that. I also love receiving snail mail and I feel that is a lost art to some degree. I love stationary, STAMPS and stickers. I love Cafe-Analog and feel real lucky to have found them. I have my eye on a few items.

  27. By Idalia Martinez on

    Hello My name is Idalia. I live in the U.S.A. I have recently discovered Cafe-Analog on Instagram and others and I just love everything I am seeing. I recently brought a journal and am excited to write in my journal. If anyone is looking for a pen pal let me know I would be interested.I love that people get snail mail and its a lost art I believe since social networking has been around. I love receiving snail mail. I used to have a Pen Pal and since Facebook i never receive real mail from her anymore. I love stationary, STAMPS and stickers. I am looking for some advise on how to get started with writing and just example on what people are writing about.

  28. By Mars on

    Hi, I’m Marcela (but everybody call me Marce or Mars), from Argentina. I’m 47, almost 48 year old.
    Two years ago, I took a decisition that change my life, so I quit my regular job, and now I’m my own boss. My actually work is absolutely creative and handmade, so I descovered my inner artist, and that’s why I’m getting back to my fav activities in childhood: drawing and writing, but I’m trying new ways of them, specially snail mailing… and journaling too.
    I guess I can be supportive for other people, as I was supported when I begun my own creative journey

  29. By Frankie Donofrio on

    Hi, My name is Frankie. I’m from U.S.A. Indianapolis Indiana. I have been a notebook geek for sometime(Fieldnotes, Word, and Travelers) recently have gotten into writing bought my first Fountain Pen (Lamy Safari) to force myself into writing more. Looking forward to learning things and meeting new folks.

  30. By Beth Ann Corso on

    Hi, I’m Beth from CT. Through discovering my husband (now x) is a white collar criminal, I discovered myself. I have recently returned from a 62 day solo road trip across the USA and back and during my travels, I interviewed other wives of white collar criminals. Now that I’m back home, I’m once again wanting to create and am dragging out supplies which have lain stagnant for far too long. I love stationery, handwriting, collage, vintage almost anything. Looking forward to being inspired by all the talent!

  31. By rdfarrugia on

    Hi, My name is Renee and I’m a 46 yo mom from the USA. I live on the east coast. I’m in love with all things stationary related. I would also like to find a pen pal who would be interested in swapping creative snail mail and such. I love learning about other cultures and would love to travel beyond my borders more. I love to be creative but am painfully shy about it. Let me know if you’d be interested in being a pen pal.

    1. By Heike on

      Hi Renee
      I am German, (just) 56 years old and live at the East coast of Scotland, UK. I love, love, love stationary items – but nothing like Mangas or too childish things, more nature related, vintage, etc. So if you are still interested and not overwhelmed with pen pal offers, I would love to start writing and swapping

      1. By Robyn Brown on

        Hello. I have had 2 penpals drop off recently. I would like to keep it going with some new penpals. Please let me know if you’re interested.

      2. By Devyn TILLMAN on

        id love to correspond and swap wirh you Heike! my name us DEVYN am currently residing in Oklahoma, USA. Am new to this community! i love stationery, vintage, stamps and a recent addict to travelers notebooks!

    2. By Mars on

      Hi Renee, if you still are looking for a penpal, I invite you to our community of snail mailers. You could find us in FB o IG as: @haveanicemail. We are from Argentina. I’ll be, very pleasured to speak with you.

    3. By Idalia Martinez on

      Hi Renee Are you still looking for a pen pal? If so Im intrested. I would love to write and send you snail mail.

      Idalia Martinez
      1228 Blake Ave
      South Milwaukee, WI 53172

  32. By Aley Martin on

    Greetings to all! I am a 62 year old English Professor from WA state in the USA who loves to write and makes friends of all ages. Very open minded and globally friendly.
    Thanks for this place to connect Desiree!

  33. By Catherine on


    I am Catherine from UK I am also 30 nearly 31 on 12th Jan lol.
    I have loved journaling, creative journaling and have just started travel journaling. I am always looking for new ideas and people to share ideas with.
    I have also just got into penpal writing.

    So if you wish to write please let me know.

    I am also crazy about my VW beetle.

    Creative love Cat (nickname)

    1. By Tiana on

      Hi, dear Catherine. My name is Tatiana.
      I’m 30 y.o. I’m from Russia. My English is not very good. But I will be happy to be yours pen pal or swap friend for change craft paper, stickers and cozy letters. :))
      My nickname in Instagram @tiana_myway.
      I love Midori Travelers Notebook, journaling and stamps.

  34. By laura on

    Hi. My name is Laura Derks and i am from the Netherlands. At this moment i am without a job because i am living with depression. Therefore i feel really lonley. I love to get letters and mail because these are small bundles of joy.
    Who would like to send me a letter? If you include your address i can send you a letter back.

    My address is:
    laura Derks
    witte de withstraat
    5684ST Best

    Im looking forward to hear from you.

    1. By laura on

      Ofcours the housenumber is 25. So witte de withstraat 25. Oops.

      But i alreaddy got a lovely card! Made my day

        1. By Carla Dalstra on

          Deze kaart heb ik jou destijds gestuurd Laura, als je het leuk vindt wil ik jou met regelmaat een kaartje toesturen, laat maar even weten.
          Hopelijk gaat het nu wat beter.

          groetjes Carla

  35. By Krista on

    Hoi Allemaal!

    Dit weekend heb ik een heel weekend met goed gezelschap aan tafel gezeten onder de noemer “craft en schaft”… Heerlijk aan de slag met vele soorten papier, journals, washi, stempels, type- & naaimachine, verf plus lekker eten en drinken. Ook een ABC kwam ter sprake.

    Nu zoek ik iemand (in Nederland) die met mij het hele alfabet wil posten. Ben jij iemand die zo’n afspraak wil maken en met leuke 1-zegel snails wil schrijven met mij? Dat zou ik super vinden!

    Ik houd van schrijven met vulpen, rommelmarktschatten, typemachines, hergebruik, retro, textiel, knopen. (Op Instagram heet ik miss_steek). Verder ben in 37 jaar, moeder van Loek, vrouw van Bas, docent Beeldende Vorming en heb ik altijd meer ideeën dan tijd.

    groetjes, Krista Groenewegen

    1. By Ingeborg van Beek on

      Hallo Krista, Hier nog een verwoed verzamelaarster van antieke knopen die ik dan weer verwerk in nieuwe projecten. Schrijven doe ik vanaf dag 1 al met een vulpen kan helemaal niet fatsoenlijk schrijven met een balpen 🙂 Verder struin ik graag rommelmarkten af en ben dan zo blij als een klein kind als ik weer iets vind waar ik weer iets mee kan. Ben niet meer getrouwd heb 2 kinderen een dochter die in Zwolle woont en daar de ArteZ dit jaar afrond als het goed is. En een zoon die gaat voor leraar Engels, deze heeft nog een lange weg te gaan doet nu MBO onderwijs assistent en daarna HBO Engels, Pabo zit er niet in voor hem hij heeft ontzettend moeite met Nederlands en Wiskunde maar middels de weg die hij nu bewandeld kan het ook naar hij zelf zegt.

      Wat is de bedoeling precies van het alfabet posten?

      1. By Krista on

        Hi Ingeborg,

        leuk dat je reageert! Ik dacht: we sturen elkaar eerst post met iets met een A (apen, appeltaart, antartica oid) daarna met een B als thema… Ik vind het namelijk leuk om in thema’s post te maken. Inmiddels ben ik ook met het cafe analog project: alfabet of me begonnen. Als jij ‘gewoon’ eerst creatieve post wil versturen houd ik mijzelf ook van harte aanbevolen hoor!

        groetjes Krista

  36. By Elsa on

    Hello, i am Elsa from France. I ‘m 43, mom of 3 kids, ans i’m looking for a penpal. I like papers ,Old papers, stationerie, scrapbooking, mixed media, arts and crafts, vintage stuff, photo, creating and always creating, and travels… Etc. Etc. And i’d like to pratice english too… 😊 You can find me on Instagram as @petitecoyote

    1. By wj1bohall on


      I would love to be your pen pal.

      We can exchange information through desiree. If you’re interested.

      Looking forward.

        1. By Elsa on

          Letter sent a few weeks ago… Did you get il wendy ?..😑 no news…😑

    2. By Esther on

      Hi Elsa

      I would love to send you something 🙂
      Can’t find you on Pinterest so I hop you read this.

  37. By Felicia vos on

    Hallo ik ben Felicia
    Ik ben 13 jaar oud
    Ik ben op zoek naar iemand die met mij wil corresponderen.
    Ik hou van knutselen.
    Weet je iemand dan hoor ik het graag!!

  38. By Lourdes on

    Hello all the way from Toronto, Canada. I am a 42 year old stationary addict. I just love everything paper. I recently started my journey on lettering, and calligraphy. I am originally from South America, Uruguay to be exact. I’d love to find some new pen pals from all ocer the world. Shoot me a line if you’re interested.

    1. By Elsa on

      Hello Lourdes, i would like to be your Penpal… Please let me know your adress if You’re interested. My post is on the bulletin board too Elsa.

    2. By wj1bohall on

      Hello Lourdes,

      I would be interested in exchanging letters.

      Please request information be exchanged if you’re interested.

    3. By Josie van Otterlo on

      Hi Lourdes,
      I just joined the Calligraphy Society of Orange County and am an artist. I also just discovered this lovely hobby and have a new pen pal. If you are still interested, I would love to exchange anything paper, creative ideas and joy. I am on Instagram #huladogartlvr.
      I have lived in Southern California most of my life and was born in Holland…interesting as my pen pal is a Dutch woman. I love art, nature, our dogs, my husband, the beach, music, hula dancing, food.
      Sending my best…Josie van Otterlo

  39. By Shana on

    Hoi allemaal,
    Mijn naam is Shana. Ik ben 29 jaar uit België.
    Ik ben opzoek naar een nederlandstalige pennevriend(in). Ik heb enkele trouwe snailmailers uit het buitenland, maar ik schrijf toch ook eens graag in mijn eigen taal. Dus als er iemand zin heeft om mijn nieuwe penpal te worden… graag! Ik hou van postzegels, artjournalling, tekenen, snail mail, herfst, sneeuw, eco groen en doen,…

    1. By Joyce cornelissen on

      Hoi Shana, het lijkt me leuk om je penvriendin te zijn! Weet alleen niet hoe we in contact met elkaar kunnen komen,misschien via Desiree.
      Ik sta ook op instagram als by_joyce_c
      Groetjes joyce

  40. By illy on


    I’m new here so hello from England! I’ve always been into writing letters but only just got hooked on following this instagram trend of pen palling using creative letters and would love to get in on it! If anyone’s looking for a pen pal, I’m definitely interested!

    1. By Camill on

      Hi, I’m Camilla from Sweden. I would like to write to you if you are interested. I love to write letters and like you I have just discovered this way of writing letters.
      Hope to hear from you!
      Have a great weekend!

      1. By Maureen on

        Hello Camilla,
        I would love to become penpals. Maybe we can even correspond in Swedish, because I have learned your beautiful language. I live in the Netherlands.
        My IG account is @maureenastrid if you would like to take a look at what I do and love.

        Have a good weekend,

        1. By Camilla on

          Hi Maureen, I would very much like to write to you på svenska!😜 how do we exchange adress?

          1. By Maureen on

            Hi Camilla, vad kul. Om du skickar mig en email eller du kan också följa mig på IG @maureenastrid. Där kan du skicka ett personligt ‘messaga’. Hoppas vi talas snart.

      2. By Joyce on

        Hi Camilla, i would love to bekomen penpals. My ig account is by_joyce_c

    2. By Hester on

      Hi Illy, I would love to have a penpal in England! I’m nee here too but I love journalling and everything with washi etc 😄. Please let me know of you’re interested!

    3. By wj1bohall on

      Hi illy

      I would be interested in exhanginf letters.

      Please send a request for information.


  41. By Oshin on

    Hi i would like to have some penpals.
    Im oshin 20 yrs old from sri lanka.
    You can also find me on instagram as @bubble_bae_o

    1. By wj1bohall on

      Hello Oshin

      I would love to be your pen pal

      We can request for information to be exchanged.


  42. By Susanna Wictorzon on

    Hello everybody! What a great idea with this bulletin board! My name is Sanna and I live in Sweden. I am (of course😄) a statoneryaddict and I love my stamps, washis and stickers that I use in my standard TN:s for both planning and memoryjournaling. I also have a thing for everything with flowers and birds😜. I like to share some of my pages on Instagram (@skrivstilar) and it is so great to with the planner/jounaling community on IG. I would love to find a new (or a few!) penpal to exchange both thoughts and paper goodies with.

    1. By Maureen on

      Hi Sanna,

      Maybe we can become penpals? I live in the Netherlands and I love the nature/flower/bird theme too. I also love fairytales and really old paper 🙂
      I was in university and learned Swedish, so for me it would be great if we could write in Swedish. I’m so in love with your country.
      You can find me as @maureenastrid on Instagram. Maybe you can take a peek and see what you think.

      Have a great weekend, love,

    2. By wj1bohall on

      Hi Susanna.

      I would love to be your penpal if you’re interested

      We can exchange information through Desiree


      1. By Susanna Wictorzon on

        Hello Wendy! Would love to know a little bit more about you. Desiree, can you help get in touch be email?

    3. By Krista on

      Hi Sanna!
      Never had to write a penpal in English… what a challange would that be! I’m Krista and would love to exchange some mail with you. I love recycling, collecting treasures at the second hand stores or fleamarkets. Combining lovely papers with writing, stamps and some creativity is such a nice way to relax en be creative. If you’re interested you could message me on instagram @miss_steek

  43. By Robyn Brown on

    I’d love to find a new penpal. I’m inn the USA and would love to find someone overseas to correspond with.

      1. By Robyn Brown on

        Hester I am in the US. I live in Tennessee. Where are you from?

  44. By DORE on

    Hi Desiree,
    Thank you for your help signing in on the Bulletin!
    We love all that you post & share!
    We are an collaborative of calligraphers, multi-media, encaustic, watercolor, etc artists and we think Cafe Analog is wonderful!!

  45. By melanie holmes on

    Hello, I am looking for like minded penpals. I live in the UK, I love stamp collecting, postcards, stationery and just this year was introduced to postcrossing, which I love! Spring and Autumn are my favourite season. I have rediscovered my love for writing letters,and a need for penpals. Please I would love if anyone could point me in the right direction. Thankyou, Melanie

    1. By wj1bohall on

      Hello Melanie,

      I would love to be your penpal.

      I will send Desiree an email to get information for

      Excited to have a fee penpals.

      1. By cindy schieman terlouw on

        Iff you want another penpal, I will want to be one 😉 greets Cindy

        1. By melanie holmes on

          Hi Cindy, great to hear from you. If you can pass on your email address to Desiree I can drop you a line 🙂

      2. By melanie holmes on

        Hi Wendy, your letter is in the post! look forward to hearing from you. have a great weekend,

      1. By melanie holmes on

        Hi Aimee, sounds great! if you can forward your details I can drop you a line 😀

  46. By wj1bohall on

    Hi. Love this community thank you letting me be a part of it.

    My name Wendy. I live in Florence, South Carolina. I have a personal planner, pocket TN and a personal TN. I’m in love with
    Rubber stamps, ink and water color paints, vintage of anything,.washi, papers, ads. Would love to have some pen pals if anyone is interested.

    Excited about receiving my Sept and Dec boxes!!! Seriously, I run to the mailbox ever day. 😍

    I have on my bucket list to travel out of the states next year . I’m turning 50!!! 😬

    1. By Esther on

      Hay Wendy! Welcome here at Cafe Analog. I would love to start Penpalling with you. I will ask Desiree how she can help us exchanging adresses.

    2. By Camilla on

      Hi, Im Camilla from Sweden. I belive that you can never have to many planner related things, but my family disagrees with me!😀
      I would love to exchange letters with you if you are interested.

      1. By wj1bohall on


        I would love to be your pen pal. We can request our information sent to each other.

        I’m looking forward.

  47. By Robyn Brown on

    Hello all! I am Robyn. I live in the Southern US. I love my washis and stamps. I’m an addict 🙂 I just can’t get enough. I look forward to meeting like minded souls here and making new friends!

  48. By Desiree Oude Groothuis on

    Leave us a message!
    Where are you from, what are your favorite things to play in and with?
    Mine are a brown TN regular planner and a Stalogy (halfyear) a5 artjournal.
    My favorite things are rubberstamps and washitape. I don’t like too cute or kawaii.. more vintage & nature

    How about you?

  49. By Krea on

    Hi Desiree, I am very happy to be a part of this community and get all sorts of lovely ideas. Your cafe looks so amazing! I just started my first tn and im loving that itbdoesnt havr to be anything lengthy. Just a little creativity every day.
    If your ever feel like making a trip to the beautiful PNW (Portland, OR😉),
    USA, and mayyybe doing a workshop 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    1. By Desiree on

      Hi ! Lovely to see you here!

      Oh … how we would love to come to the States with our Cafe!
      Keep sharing your TN pictures please.

  50. By Krea on

    If you feel like making a trek over to the USA and visit the beautiful PNW 😀👏🏼🙏🏼

  51. By Thorsten on

    Hi Desiree, nice place to meet up. Was in the Netherlands two weeks ago for 11 days….. next year, maybe I´ll have to say HELLO 🙂 Cheers from Germany, Thorsten

    1. By Desiree on

      Yes Thorsten please do! Our second Cafe coming sunday in Utrecht has 3 German visitors too!

  52. By Natalie on

    Desiree en iedereen die vandaag naar het eerste pop-up café gaat: heel veel succes en heel veel plezier gewenst! Geniet ervan!

  53. By Annelies on

    Hello i m new here and i hope to get some ideas from this bb.
    By the wdy does anybody know where in Utrecht the pop up cafe is tommorrow?

    1. By Desiree on

      Hi Annelies
      Thank you for asking, the Stationery Cafe tomorrow is all sold out sorry!


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