With effect from 1 January 2020, international regulations, determined by the Universal Postal Union, have changed the way international mail is sent worldwide. Goods may no longer be stamped in an envelope and as a letter, but must be sent as a package, regardless of the value of the product.

As a result, the shipping costs have changed, and sometimes increased.This is not just in Europe or the Netherlands, but worldwide.

So here’s the best reason to opt for a rental box!

You can read all about it HERE

Traveler’s Company Stamp Caravan – 4th & 5th january 2020


Traveler’s Company Stamp Caravan

We are excited, happy and proud to officially announce

this exclusive Cafe Analog event!

Date                   Saturday 4 and Sunday 5th jan. 2020

Hours                 11.00 AM until 16.00 PM



We are super excited to announce that we received so many mails of participants for this event, we decided to add an extra day, so we have more space and time. These timeslots will give us the best chance to prepare for each and everyone of you!

When you email us please tell us the day you would prefer* to come?

  1. Saturday 4 january between 11.00 – 13.30 pm
  2. Saturday 4 january between 13.30 – 16.00 pm


  1. Sunday 5 january between 11.00 – 13.30 pm
  2. Sunday 5 january between 13.30 – 16.00 pm


* If you already told us you don’t have to mail again! we cannot promise 100% that all will fit in each time slot, but we will do our best!


It is handy to bring some basic journaling things, that is if you want to sit and journal with others. Of course we have the stamps and inkpads ready! Thank you so much for your cooperation and enthusiasm,



The Maker Store     

De Hallen
Hannie Dankbaarpassage 39
1053 RT Amsterdam


For more info about parking, accommodation, hotels, food and drinks, as well as the cultural program etc. klick HERE



We advise you to come by train because parking in Amsterdam is a crime and very expensive.

If you come from Schiphol take the Train to Amsterdam Central Station. Once there take embark form the Station on the cityside

which is Stationsplein. Cross this to the left, there is TRAM 17.  Stay on for 7  busstops, it takes ca. 16 mins.

Get out at Ten Katestraat, walk left, then right and after 1 minute you are at De Hallen (leftside entrance).


Please notice

  • The event is FREE but please let us know in advance if you are coming so we can put you on a list!
  • Send me an email with your name, mobile number, mailadress and with how many persons you are coming
  • Please tell us the Timeslot you want to attend
  • This special event is not a normal Stationery Cafe but there is room for journaling, meeting other TN enthusiasts, and of course stamping your notebooks!
  • In case it is very, very busy we have to ask you to occupy a chair for a limited time only, or to come back a little bit later.
  • Across from us are the Foodhallen, where you can sit, journal, eat and drink  in 100 different ways!
  • We will sell all TN products, and as an extra you can engrave your notebook on the spot (not free)!





Stationery Cafe 2020


CAFE ANALOG – Stationery Cafe in 2020

At this moment we have planned:

  1. Special Event Traveler’s Factory STAMP CARAVAN 

Saturday 4th and Sunday  5th of January 2020 in Amsterdam

More news about this event HERE

2. Stationery Cafe #16 will be held in our location in AMERSFOORT again on Sunday 1st of March 2020

tickets will be available in our webshop soon.

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Baum-kuchen Interview


As we told you earlier, we are exclusive European reseller of Baum-Kuchen  products. This is something we are very proud of, because the way they do things and their standards and philosophies are something we strongly believe in too!

A few weeks ago we were interviewed for their Analogue Stories and monthly Loveletter.

We could not be more happy and proud, with how they portrayed me and our analogue love!

Thank you so,so much, Wakako, Eunice and Susan 🙂

You can read the whole interview HERE

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NEW – Do It Yourself BLOGS

From this month on our member Fien is going to make Tutorials for our Blogs.

We hope to make your children – and more young people – get interested for this hobby too !

Here is the first blog !

Make your own stickers

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Baum-kuchen at Cafe Analog

BAUM-KUCHEN at Cafe Analog

YAY! Have you noticed!? We are so superproud, to be able to tell you that we are bringing Baum-Kuchen’s exclusives line to you in Europe!  To us BK is top of the bill in quality, taste and ideals. Find their shop, their believes and philosophies and all their analogue love and gorgeousness HERE and of course in our webshop now! We will keep adding to our stock, so don’t panic when a product is sold out. We are constantly working on getting more.

Thanks a million for your trust, Wakako, Frido, Eunice and the whole team at the Baumkuchen STUDIO

Mini Notebook December Challenge

Mini Notebook December Challenge


HURRAY! We have new Cafe Analog Mini Notebooks especially for the December Challenge on Instagram. After the huge succes of the last Mini Challenge on Instagram (#30dayswithminitn), we promised our followers there would be another one in december ! So here we are, ready to go! The notebook is a little big wider and bigger than last time, to make working in it a bit easier when you get towards the end!

Will you hang yours in the Christmastree this year? We sure are, and we picked the RED one, but you can make your own choice!!

The Mini Covers are SOLD OUT sorry, but feel free to make your own, or even use another size!

We are superproud of these pretty handmade products! The maker is ‘our’ Monica (IG She has been a Cafe member from the beginning and makes beautiful things. Like these perfect mini artworks!

Here are this year’s prompts!


We are co-hosting this Challenge with Akanksha aka Akay. She is writing about these Mini-challenges here : Mini Challenge

You can see lots of examples here too !  We will bring out the list of prompts for december around half november. Also there will be some very cool give-aways coming up so stay tuned!

Buy the notebooks in our shop!

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Gyro Cut (rotating blade): Useful for cutting illustrations and washi tape!

gyro cut
Cutting illustrations with the Gyro Cut

A few weeks ago I saw this video on Instagram by someone who uses a very handy knife to cut out a piece of washi tape. The Gyro Cut seems so handy and quick that I asked asked around of someone of my friends knew this knife. Before I knew 10 ladies where so enthusiastic and agreed to order together to save shipping costs! It was a bit of a wait until we would see each other again but last weekend I got my Gyro Cut.

In short: The Gyro Cut is a precision cutter especially for thin materials like paper, washi tape, sticking vinyl, Solartex and tissue paper. With the 360 ​​degree rotating blade made of hardened steel, you cut as you draw. It costs €15.95 and you can buy it here, at Café Analog, where you can also order extra blades.

Gyro Cut
Gyro Cut + extra knife

First experience with the Gyro Cut

During the Stationery Cafe where I was at that moment I tested it right away because the enthusiastic reactions of others I had become so curious. Enthusiastically I started to cut and the knife turned in all directions except the good one and I thought “this is such a fail!” As it turned out, I immediately started to cut washi tape while you should start with paper! Ofcourse you can’t expect to be able to cut well with the knife right away. You need some time and practice to figure out how fast the blade turns, how much (little!) pressure you have to put on and the best way to hold the Gyro Cut. That same evening I started practicing and now I will take you into that process, are you coming?

Continue reading


Happy Newyear !

We wish all friends and followers of CAFE ANALOG

and the Stationery Cafe

a wonderful, healthy and creative 2018 !

Are you already in on ‘Project18’ and ‘Alphabet of me’?

This club is worldwide over 250 people =, how fun is that?

2018 is YEAR of the DOG!

Toyah (kikki.arts) made the cutest ‘Year of the Dog’ sticker,

you can print it yourself on (sticker)paper!

We wish you lots of fun with Project18,

you can folow on Instagram

(via @cafeanalog17 and hashtag #caproject18 en #alphabetofmep18)

and on Facebook here



A little PRESENT to top it all off!

In 2018 you can shop at our favorite store Appelboom Pennen

with a 10% discount using code project18 !

Cafe Analog – December Daily


Last year we had a great time with our worldwide friends doing a December Daily , so we decided to do it again.

Please feel free to join and share in the fun in YOUR way!

What is December Daily? To keep it short: A creative Journal through December with some hints and prompts from us!

And how does it work? Look at the prompt of that day and make a collage about it, or draw or write about it.

We even made a very cute Stickerset  for it!

You can keep it simple and just answer the hint or prompt or question and that’s it.  Or you can take a plunge in the deep and write your heart out! Just follow your mood and your heart!

Of course it all depends on how much time you have, try to avoid the pressure of ‘having to’ and ‘being behind’

Even if you don’t do all days, just pick the prompts that spark something!

Fifteen minutes a day are enough we think, maybe after diner when the kids are in bed?

The weekend prompts are a bit more intensive – but only if YOU want them to be!

Print out the list and put it before the first page!

Here’s the list!


If you like you can follow and share your Daily on Instagram with #cafeanalogdecemberdaily

Or on the Cafe Analog Facebook pagina.

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NEWSLETTER wk 39 / Rent a Stationery Box!

NEWSLETTER  week 39  –  sept. 27. 2017


For our loyal customers we now have the option to Rent a Box

This makes it easier to buy bigger things (like the Coffeemug, the Letterwriting sets, the white tin containers and the bigger mounted rubberstamps for example) that only fit in a box and allows you to add during 3 weeks, so you save big way on shipping!

Also you are sure of having that washitape you wanted, to preorder stuff you see on our Instagram and always be on time for special products.

               How does it work?

  • The first time you order a minimum of 3 products and pay for it with shipping of choice included.
  • At checkout options write ‘RENTAL BOX’ and we will hold it for maximum 3 weeks from that moment on!
  • In these 3 weeks you can add as many products as you want, by just buying them in the webshop at any given moment, and we will add them to your box. Choose standard shipping everytime.
  • In the end, after 3 weeks, we weigh and calculate everything, plus the accurate shipping costs.
  • We will then either send another invoice for the extra shipping, or we will reimburse the too much payed, if needed, right away.
  • The box gets shipped after the 3 weeks are over.
  •  Earlier is a possibility too, just send us an email.

                                    Let us know what you think!

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Baum-kuchen stickers now in our shop


We are so proud to be able to tell you

that we are the first retailer in Europe

to sell the worldfamous exclusive Baum-kuchen stickers!


Who doesn’t know their classics like

‘The Journey is the destination’

All stickers are now available in our webshop,

go get them while they last!



PS: Ever since I got my first Travel Notebook, 

it has carried the Baum-kuchen charm with

Everything happens for a reason‘ on it.

This was in 2013 so its totally faded and worn.

They have them in different colors now!


Baum-kuchen collections

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Extra Stationery Cafe

The first Stationery Cafe

sold out in 1 day.

So many enthusiatics!

Because some people were disappointed

we decided to plan another Stationery Cafe

on Sunday 3 september 2017

from 11.00 am  – 15.00 pm

Also at Lewis Book Cafe in Utrecht

Tickets in the webshop!

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Tadaaaaa! We’re ready!

We proudly present the


on Sunday August 27th, 2017

Tickets* are SOLD OUT


– easily accessible by car and public transportation –


Will you be there??

Tickets* are SOLD OUT


*incl. surprising Lunchbuffet , Washi-Workshop,  Goodiebag

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NEWSLETTER june 2017



We are so happy and proud to tell you, that we have reached an agreement with BAUM-KUCHEN USA  to import their stickers to Europe.

We have been their fans since day 1 and we love their philosophies and creative ideas.

We can’t wait to have them in our shop, so Europe has easy access to them too.





Yes!!  … we have a date :

zondag 27 augustus 2017

It will take place in Utrecht, between 11.00 am – 15.00 pm.  More details will follow

Do you want to make sure you have a chair ? You can mail me

Costs are 35,00 euro incl. lunch, workshops and a great goodiebag.




Yes we also, last months were a happy rollercoaster and we are longing for Sun, Sand and Zen!

From Saturday 17 juni till monday 3 juli 2017 we will be closed,

ordering from the webshop is possible but we will not ship until july 3rd.



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Many of my foreign friends have asked me to translate the site and webshop in English too! Yes of course ! We are working on that!

So please stay tuned and feel free to shop, comment and ask stuff !