Write with style – by Holly Lavender – Part 2


Write With Style – TIPS & TRICKS

So… How are you doing so far? Here are some extra tips on materials  and inspiration.


  1. Paper

I personally prefer MD paper, as the offered with Travelers Notebooks.

It’s very fountainpen-friendly, pricey and comes in all kind of different sizes/ with or without lines/ruled or blanc. Alternative I recommend “Clairefontaine” “Tomoe River” or “Rhodia”.

  1. Inks

For the vintages I use Montblanc, Waterman or Faber Castell only. The Sailores I own only get inked with japanes ink, Pilot or Sailor. If you own a Kaweco, for instance, there’s many other brands you might wanna check out and play along with.

  1. Practise

I know, there’s nothing more tempting & boring as practice … And often enough, we really show good will, but there’s sooo many other things we have in mind, to-do and what not. AND THAT’S THE POINT.

Please see “write with style” as maybe a kind of daily 5- 10 min meditation. If you only write a single word, what’s wrong with that? Take your time, cause that’s the key. Slow down, breathe, slow down a bit more … there you go.



Tip 1

get yourself a trainee paper where you doodle, sketch or somehow draw the first lines BEFORE you start your handwriting. At this way you “catch up” with the pen, you might not have used for days, or at least not at that day.

Tip 2:

get yourself a handful LOVELY words. My fav to letter or “welcome” a new pen surely are FLOWERS; BAGEL and LOTTA (my pugs name). They’ve got all the letters I love, nice little curves and loops. Do the same with short memes, which help to gain trust and get soon very confident.

Tip 3:

Most wanted/most hated. For some reason there’s letters we easy learn while others take ages to look even half the way, we imagine them. That’s totally okay! Try to combine the beloved with the tiny annoyances, reward yourself with 1 or 2 or more lines of the good ones when roughly managed the odds 😊

PLAY, dear friends. Play with stupid words that make no sense at all, only to overcome a strange lettermix of a seemingly impossible to combine pair of letters. Maybe ch is a challenge or br or eg– don’t be fooled by the thought ALL others ain’t got their own bugbears. Write foolish slogans or rhymes, only to improve this or that word. Do it alphabetically, pick a color and start with a first letter of your name – whatever inspires YOU – take it, use it and go for it.

TIP 4:

The most important: your daily writing is, was and will always be FLUX.

As anything and everything is in constant change. What yesterday went hilarious right, might not even with 5 tries a row work today. OR other way round 😉 All of a sudden, one day, your s or g looks like you a l w a y s dreamt it, but never got there. Or your b changes for whatever reason and you LOVE it exactly that way!

My “Sunday style” helps me to letter a card, fill out an address neatly, write a quote, meme, and trim my journals. I start writing letters again – and yeah, I admit, I dug deep down the rabbit hole of pens, inks, papers and such.

Well, could be worse, couldn’t it? Now it’s up to you. Please, please, PLEASE create your own “Sunday style”, With a loopy S or a bouncy b, no matter at all. As long as your JOY of writing expands and your confidence rises.

Anyway, finally there’s just one more thing left:

I would LOOOOVE to see, or hear:

Holly, (Des!) look, this was my before, here I am now! And it’s sooo much fun.

Because that’s the only reason I started this.

Yours faithfully Holly & Desiree


Write with Style – by Holly Lavender – part 1


Write with Style – by Holly Lavender

Recognize this?

  • You have no idea what to write or journal about.
  • Nothing happens in your little life nowadays.
  • No adventurous travels or philosophical rantings.
  • During this whole Corona thing you are locked inside and you are bored.
  • You made a beautiful  Journal page (or Enveloppe of present or label) and here comes the hard part!
  • Your handwriting just ruins it all. Why can’t you write as pretty as the rest of the world!?

Recognizable? It happens to me a lot! And I don’t feel like following another too serious Calligraphy course because I never follow up to those hours of drills. Nor do I have the money or time.

We are going to help you to a great and fast endresult. Even if you just copy what we did here! Please go ahead!!

Coming 4 weekends, we will present you with Alphabets AND cool and mindful Quotes. To keep up the spirits in these harsh times , so all you have to do is add some pretty washi stickers or stamps (Plenty of those in our SHOP) for a mindblowing endresult 🙂

What do you need:

1. Dip pen or Fountain pen with flex nib or calligraphy nib. Or to start with just use a normal fountainpen or soft 2B pencil

2. Ink from a pot’/ well

3. Start with a short Quote – like ‘Carpe Diem’ or ‘Hurray … It is Spring!’

You can download todays alphabet  HERE

We hope you all join! We are looking forward to your posts!


Find 2 of Holly’s inspirational videos : HERE and HERE

Lots of love, hang in and on!

Holly Lavender  Instagram @holly.lavender.official

& Desiree @cafeanalog17

Projectme20 – Monthly Check In

The RED LINE of ME in this ProjectMe

To make this interesting for each of us individually, we suggest a Monthly “CHECK IN” in with yourself on paper. This is not an obligation! But some (well … many 😉 of us, are eager to do more than 1 page or 1 prompt per month. You can skip this too, or keep it for yourself or share with us, it is all up to you!


Every first of the month you sit down and look at how you are doing at this point of your year / life.

Mark this ahead in your planner with CHECK IN!

How are you doing ?

Ask yourself these questions every month (all, or a couple) and give it stars (1 to 5 ) and / or write the answers down:

1. How am I doing (with)

  • Physically
  • Emotionally
  • Mentally
  • Work / Job  / Career
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Energy level
  • Social Media
  • Creativity
  • Stress

2. What am I grateful for?

3. What do I want to work on

4. How’s your WORD of the year doing ?

It will be interesting to see where this leads you in the end, don’t you think so too?! Also it is good to consciously think of what you feel, experience what phases you go through and write them down.

If you are into trackers feel free to make some! If not, just relax , humming your Word and waiting for the next month.

Spring Challenge



 Saturday march 21st is the official start of SPRING!

Spring stands for new the growth, birth and vitality that we find in being outside more and enjoying the fresh clean air.

We associate it also with Springcleaning, and the chance for a new fresh start.

This time we have a real great CHALLENGE, that is a DESIGN CONTEST too!


  1. Take a white piece of paper and design a postage stamp themed SPRING.
  2. It doesnt have to be real size (small) you can make it as big as you want. As long as it has that shape.
  3. You can only use analog materials.
  4. Make a few different ones , and in the end pick 1 to join with in the contest on FB and Instagram.
  5. When you post use these hashtags #cafeanalogspringchallenge #cafeanalog17  so we can track you down easily. Use
  6. You have to use 1 Cafe Analog product at least.
  7. Everyone who joins can also vote. We will make a gallery here to pick the winners from.
  8. Three winners get their design in a real Postage Stampsheet  (1 sheet of 10 stamps).
  9. Have lots of fun and please share on IG and FB ! The more contestants the better!

WINNERS will be announced on march 21st (SPRING!) at 20.00 pm GMT

Here are a few examples to get inspiration from:)





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