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I was so lucky to be on vacation in january, and had lots of sun and warmth, but I can imagine you all are a bit fed up with the rain, the cold and the grey skies. Spring is still 1,5 month away from us … so let’s bring out the sun ourselves!

Here we go:

  • Grab all your washitapes*, now pick out your favorites or your latest buys – as many as you like!
  • Lay them all out in front of you, if you like, try to find a colorscheme (3 opposite colours), but a mix-up is nice too!
  • Then determine how you want to make your own WASHI SAMPLE PAGE !
  • I didn’t have many washitapes with me, so I decided to make a little neighbourhood with houses.

* If you don’t have washitapes, pretty papers, postage stamps and/or ephemera work too!  Or check our shop! 😉

Happy Hood


A little trick to make shapes of washi:

  • Use the back of stickersheets or baking paper (the shiny side!)
  • Put strips of washi on the shiny side, if you then draw your shapes – or even stamp – on the back of that paper, you can easily cut them out and peel them off. This way you can make multiples of the same shape.
  • Thin washi can go together with broad washi by ligning them up next to eachother, make sure to overlap a little!
  • Make the best combinations this way with 2 or 3 washitapes – these are really great for that:  Chamilgarden tapes
  • Even easier is to use a Diecut punch! You do need sturdy backgroundpaper for that.
  • Or like I did, just clip out squares and triangles for houses by hand.
  • (Pssst: This way you can also cut out flower prints or other designs for washicircles later on this year 😉

Here are some examples I found on IG and Internet. These are not ours, there are so many creative minds out there!

(Please let me know if you want to be credited, if we didn’t already).


Now it is your turn! Surprise yourself!

And please have FUN, no stress: make one spread and whipe the sweat of your forehead, or make these all month long, it is totally up to you, there is no right or wrong here!

By the way : how is your Word of the Year doing?? I am still terribly FOCUSED as you can see…. lol…


Please DO leave a reaction underneath this post about what you think of this Project so far, if you miss anything, find it too hard or too easy,  or want something later on this year 🙂

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Posted 4 January 2019 by Desiree in category "projectme19


  1. By Mars on

    Hi Dees! I lost january, cause here we are on summer holidays, and I wanted to take my time. But I will start now with #projectme2019.
    Washi samples is a great, funny and colored project. I love it!
    And I was happily surprised with the samples pictures, cause the one of the mugs is from a contest of washi samples, where I was a jury (here, in Argentina). 😀

  2. By Sarah on

    Loving the die cut idea and results! Means I do more with my washi, such a great idea, thankyou

    1. By Desiree (Post author) on

      I know right! It gives everything a whole new perspective ! Like making washiflower wreaths we will do those later this year! Makes me happy to witness your enthusiasm!

  3. By Philippa Gaywood on

    I’ve been doing your challenges- just not posting (you guys are tough acts to follow!! But enjoying none the less.

  4. By @mypinkside on

    I don’t really have many washitapes (perhaps I will use pretty papers, good idea)…but here we go!!!

  5. By Alexandra Möller on

    Oh, this is a nice idea! And it’s so relaxing, having so much time to get own ideas!!

  6. By Petra on

    I absolutely looove this month’s challenge! <3 Can't wait to play around with this idea 🙂

  7. By Kiki on

    Lekker kleurrijk en ik ga eens beter naar de doos met washi tape kijken. Simple things great Happiness


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