By Desiree Oude Groothuis and Karin van den Broek



At the First 2 Stationery Cafes we did a workshop on Washicircles.

It was a huge succes and we decided to share it with our whole community.


You start out with bakingpaper: cut out a square with size 6 x 6 inch

( 15 x 15 cm), cut it in half and tape it back together

with the shiny side up, make sure you overlap.

Than tape the sheet to the table, that works easier.

Draw a circle with light pencil.

Follow the step by step pictures in the docs underneath this post.

Don’t be too shy on the washi pieces, and make sure you use some translucent tapes if you have.

Work around the circle.

A ‘heavier part’ on the bottom makes it look nice.

It’s like making a wreath isn’t it?

Do show us the pictures of your results on the Bulletinboard !!






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