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After our Cafe Analog December Daily being such a big success, many asked us ‘are you going on in january ?’ Well, yes but …

Not as frequently as in december, that’s for sure.

Not many people have time or energy to journal every day even if they wanted to (like me ). And we want to avoid that dreading feeling of ‘having to’ and ‘oh no I am already behind again’. we think journaling should be relaxing and fun, ME-time!

So we are approaching it a bit different in 2018.

How, you can read further on.

Meanwhile you are probably about to close the book on 2017, and you have a fresh notebook waiting for you.



  1. Choose YOUR WORD for 2018!

 Focus – Ambition – Open – Life – Growth- Enjoy – Persivere – Inspire – Balance – Happiness – Creative – Believe – Just Be – Enforce – Organize – Slow down -Cherish – Be Me – Forgive – Imagine – Compassiom –  Emotion –  ME  – Heart –  Joy – Enjoy – Attention – Mindful – Family – Feel – Power – Love – Passion – Trust – Let Go – Zen ….. or pick your own

Make a first page of your Word in your Journal for 2018

And journal about it throughout the year! You can already mark some random pages to journal about it on those days as a reminder for yourself.


This year we will use the ALPHABET to journal.

So at the end of 2018 you will have made your own exclusive Encyclopedia

Each month has 2 letters: January has A & B , February has C & D, March E  & F  etc.

This way you can journal as often as you want, and make pages with that certain letter that  1. is about you and  2.  is about that day, month or season. And as you can see, no pressure! You only ‘have to make’  2 pages / spreads per month.

Example for January :

In the first  2 weeks of January  I  will  journal about  Aruba (where I go on vacation every year) ,  Alpaca’s (my new favorite animal) and  Amish culture (that I have an interest for) . 

The last 2 weeks of January you could journal about Beauty, Bears, Blue Monday (jan 15th) and so you work on.


 Since I am still very unhappy of my handwriting, I will also practice the letter A and a / B and b for my handlettering these weeks. I will do so every month with the other letters, so in the end I hope it to be better! 


There is a Facebookgroup  Cafe Analog Artjournal 

Do you want to share your Project18 on Instagram , use hashtag #alphabetofmep18  and  #caproject18


Especially for Project18 we designed   Journalstickers , that you can use easily on our pages when you have a day without inspiration 😉

We will have a new set each season!       

In our webshop you can also find very nice and fountainpenfriendly  L!FE Noble Notebooks  voor Project 18.

You could also choose for a separate notebook like the Pistacchio or the  Calendar Notes.

We will come back later to share more of Project 18, we wish you lots of fun!


Copyright 2018. All rights reserved.

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    1. By Desiree (Post author) on

      Hey Michele, welcome to the fun!
      Glad to have you on board.
      Please follow on IG #alphabetofmep18

      Love Desiree

  1. By bronwenchamberlain on

    This is a great idea. I will probably follow along and do this as I have certain letters in particular which I need to practice a lot. Thanks for the inspiration Desiree. 🙂

  2. By Susanna Wictorzon on

    I am in😍 Have the perfect notebook that had been laying around and I haven’t found use for it. But now I have! / Sanna @skrivstilar

  3. By Kristina on

    Great ideas but I still want total freedom with my journaling. I love the thought of using a word… maybe a word per month….

  4. By Linda Freeman on

    I love this idea! Such an easy, interesting and low pressure way to journal. Thanks for coming up with it!


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