March Challenge


It’s already March! The days are getting longer, the sunlight stronger and the meteorological Spring has officially started. This makes us people happier too, we get energy from it and it brightens our moods. This Monthly challenge is all about Spring. Try to be aware of what happens outside in nature. Get out and enjoy new beginnings! They are for free!

  1. Do your CHECK in for March!


Step outside, bundle up if necessary and make a nice stroll through the neighbourhood.  What are the first flowers you see? What are their colors? Do they speak to you? Pick one and bring it home. Sit down and look at it very close. Make a MONOTONE spread about it in your journal. Monotone means ‘ 1 color palette’, but in different shades!

I made a collage, but of course you can use other techniques, draw or write in different shades of ink, or watercolor, let your muse go free ! Of course you can make multiple spreads during the month of march!

My own example : I saw a NARCISSUS first, not at all my favorite, but took it with me anyway and worked on a spread. I searched for every piece of yellow in my ephemera box and became really happy, out of my comfortzone and all!

A Crocus for example has more colors : purple, orange, white, just like an anemone or tulip. Work with the colors you see. Looking forward to see what you come up with !



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    Thats whites and greens , beautiful combo !


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