October Challenge – Stationery Clean Out


OCTOBER CHALLENGE –  by Desiree & Moon Hulsman


(week 40 –  30 sept tot 6 oct)

Welcome to the Stationery Clean out Challenge for October.

This is the Octoberchallenge for ProjectMe19, there will not be a Daily challenge this month.

 We cut up this month in 5 weeks, every week we will be cleaning out another section of you stationery stash. The result will be a cleaned out Room or Hobbyspot , where you can sit down fresh and emptyheaded to be creative, journal or make Snailmails.  We will go through all our stuff and toss out all the things we do not need anymore, or that is broke, torn or dried up.

The first week will be the most tough one, but after that it will become much simpler, and more fun 😉 This week we will attack our Paper Piles, most of us have stacks of it because it is easy to save.

How do we approach this ?

We start with 3 boxes:

  1. Throw away
  2. Give away
  3. Keep and cherish

In box 1 we put all the paper we will not use anymore. Be honest and straight to yourself, you only keep what sparks joy right away! (Thank you Mary Kondo :))

In box 2 we put things that we know someone else will love and use! Styles or colors you fell out of love with go in here too.  We will give those away. Or swap with others ?

In box 3 we put  what we want to keep and cherish, that make us happy!

Now go through all your paper stuff!

This can be: designpaper, card stock, blanc paper, enveloppes, pictures, cut outs, post-its, memopads, rest-stuff, project life cards, postcards, vellum, old books, magazines, postage stamps, bakingpaper, kraft and cardboard, wrappingpaper, napkins, etc etc.

Ask yourself eveytime, ‘am I really going to use this soon, do I need it?’ Then divide over the 3 boxes. Do 1 category paper per time.

Remember, you have a whole week.

TIP: Make a ‘Go to box’ to use rightaway on your desk, put in there the seasonal stuff and the things you want to use in october. Eg Halloween. I do this every beginning of a new season

Good Luck!   #stationerycleanout 



(week 41 : 06 oct – 13 oct)

This week we will attack our Pens and other Writing materials.

Put everything that writes or colours in fornt of you on the table. If it is too much put it in a box. Now start testing everything, everything that is empty and not refillable toss away!

Work through all your pens, markers, pencils, calligraphypens, pennibs and colour pencils. The pencils give them a fresh new point!

Everything refillable, set aside for now, we will get to that later.

Your fountainpens will get a special treatement, give them a nice warm bath. Clean the nibs. Dry well and refill.


If you have pretty pouches, or penmaps, sort them out and put them together. Use a nice mug or a little vase to group them up.

Soupcans make a good holder too, decorate or paint them! Three together wrapped with yarn make a nice home.

Another step done in your #stationerycleanout!


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