Stamptitude Wax seals (5 types)




Stamptitude Wax seals

Add a touch of old world charm to your written correspondence, with this iconic branding tool!

These waxseals are honestly top of the bill! We – and many with us – are totally in love with the Girl seal, but less sweet and just as pretty are the other ones !


3D Cameo Wax Seal

Traditional Wax Seal Stamp with a 3D engraved Cameo design. It has taken us months of trial & error to be able to successfully replicate the techniques used in the original hand carved, intricate 3D cameos of yesteryear. We achieve this by using modern engraving technology which results in a stunning Wax Seal that leaps out at you from the paper!

Seal Size: 25mm (1 inch)


Carnation Wax Seal

Traditional Wax Seal Stamp with a Carnation design. Illustrated by Sarah Barett
Seal Size: 25mm (1 inch)


Deer Wax Seal

Traditional Wax Seal Stamp with an engraved Prancing Deer design. His best buddy might have a shining nose but it’s clear who has the better antlers.

Seal Size: 25mm (1 inch)


Maidenhair Wax Seal

Traditional Wax Seal Stamp with Maidenhair Fern motif. Illustrated by  Seniman Calligraphy
Seal Size: 25mm (1 inch)

Cookie Waxseal

Use this Wax Seal Stamp to create the most deliciously ‘inedible’ wax cookies. By placing a layer of white wax between two black layers you can recreate the look of the infamous cream-filled snacks. Alternatively if you’re not into fooling your friends with fake confectionery, you can simply use the top layer to seal your correspondence and send it out to a couple of sweet-toothed recipients.

If you want to create an edible version you can use Chocolate! Melting chocolate works just the same as when you melt wax and the end result is delicious! We added a Waxstick – these come randomly in Buttersctoch or Black !

Seal size :  30 mm Brass wax seal – Solid wood Stamp handle



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CAMEO Wax seal, Carnation Wax seal, DEER Waxseal, Maidenhair Wax Seal, Cookie


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