Chamilgarden Fifth Anniversary – Memo Wrap




Chamilgarden Fifth Anniversary – Memo Wrap


This Memo- Label or Wrap paper is usable for almost everything.

You can either tear or cut it. It comes in a little cardboard box.

The paper is non-sticky and very smooth.  Usable for fountainpens, pencils, stampink etc.

Use it as a wrap, memo or collagepaper.

It comes in 4 kinds:

  1. Cross – blue white
  2. Round – bue white
  3. Leaves – brown white
  4. Frames – brown white

Measures 5.5 cm x 12 meter

This doesn’t fit through the mailbox so it will be shipped as a package.

Additional information

Weight75 g

Crosses : blue-white, Rounds : blue-white, Leaves : brown-white, Frames : brown-white


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