Japanese Papermaking Kit  / Kami-no-moto Papermaking Kit


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Japanese Papermaking Kit  / Kami-no-moto Papermaking Kit

Create your own postcard-sized washi papers using this nice little papermaking kit.

Contains a student-grade plastic paper (‘Keta’) frame with bamboo (‘Su’) mat + 10 compressed Kozo pulpsheets that can be re-soaked for sheet-forming. 2.5 gramms of binding agent.

*Extra Kozo pulp is also available in our shop

size  24x22x8cm
material  plastic paper mould, compressed paper pulp and binding agent (sizing)
This kit has everything needed to make 40-50 handmade paper postcards.
English instructions included
1 Pulp sheet makes 4 or 5 cards

Additional information

Weight400 g


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