Kokuyo Washi cutter


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Kokuyo Washi cutter

This washi tape cutter’s spring-loaded alligator clip design makes it extremely easy to use. Simply press the end with the spring to open the cutter and clip it onto the roll of tape, then unpeel the tape and tear it off against the metal teeth. The cutter slides smoothly over the washi tape roll, so you can easily reposition it and peel off as much tape as you need. It’s also easy to take off, so you can quickly switch between different rolls of tape.

This cutter is compatible with rolls of tape that are up to 20-25 mm wide.

Use this simple, compact cutter to easily tear off clean strips of washi tape without scissors! The cutting edge is made of finely serrated metal that is safe to touch and makes a neat, finely toothed edge at the end of each cut strip of washi tape.


Comes in Pastel YELLOW

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Weight40 g


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