Little Word Stamps




Little Word Stamps

How cute are these Catslife press stamps? Little stamps with keywords and phrases to use in journaling, for snailmailing on presents, etc.

We have seen them pop up on Instagram posts from all over the world, so we had to have them too, …. plus our OWN* !!

They come in 9 different styles:

  1. Analog Life*
  2. Kindness matters
  3. Life is good
  4. Life is in the details
  5. Love for Analogue*
  6. It’s the little things
  7. Instant Magique
  8. Dream
  9. Make a wish
  10. Noteworthy


    1. Merry Everything
    2. Merry Xmas
    3. Season’s Greetings

* are exclusives and limited for Cafe Analog – with the consent of Catslife Press 🙂

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Analog Life*, Kindness matters, Life is good, Life is in the details, Love for Analogue*, It's the little things, Instant Magique, Dream, Make a wish, Noteworthy, Merry Everything, Merry Xmas, Season's Greetings


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