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OURS – Numbers in Black DIY Stamp Set


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OURS – Numbers in Black DIY Stamp Set

(Intaglio – negative print number DIY self-adhesive stamp group)

Put practical handwritten numbers on irregular color blocks, small, and stamped sets that have a sense of presence.

The seal paper box uses the imported dark cardboard, and the seal pattern is printed on the lid with white ink.
After the opening, the paper box itself can also be used as the storage of the stamp group.

* When the self-adhesive stamp group is purchased, the rubber is separated from the hand. The rubber has been glued, and the rubber can be directly or after being trimmed.

Number in Black  DIY Rubber Stamp Set

– Including 10 rubber stamps per set
– Total Size: 70 mm x 28 mm
– Material: Compressed wooden block + Rubber (self-adhesive)


*DIY rubber stamp: The rubber and wooden block will be seperated in one package,
you may trim the rubber before mounting it to a wooden, or mount it directly without trimming.

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