Rent a Stationery box

For our loyal customers we now have the option to Rent a Box

This makes it easier to buy bigger things (like the Coffeemug, the Letterwriting sets, the tin containers and the bigger mounted rubberstamps for example) that only fit in a box and allows you to add during 6 weeks, so you save big way on shipping!

Also you are sure of having that washitape you wanted, to preorder stuff you see on our Instagram and always be on time for special products.

How does it work?

  • The first time you order for a minimum amount of 10 euro and pay for it with shipping of choice included.
  • At checkout options write ‘RENTAL BOX’ and we will hold it for maximum 6 weeks from that moment on!
  • In these 6 weeks you can add as many products as you want, by just buying them in the webshop at any given moment, and we will add them to your box. Choose standard shipping everytime.
  • In the end, after 6 weeks, we weigh and calculate everything, plus the accurate shipping costs.
  • If you want your too much payed shipping reimbursed before the six weeks are over, no problem, send us an email with your ordernumbers please!
  • We will then either send another invoice for the extra shipping, or we will reimburse the too much payed, if needed, right away.
  • The box gets shipped after the 6 weeks are over.
  • The prices counting are from the day you ordered the product!
  • Later discounts can not be changed.
  • Sending it earlier is a possibility too, of course, just send us an email.

                                    Let us know what you think!