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Thursday March the 21st officially marks a new season : SPRING

Spring signifies new growth, birth, and the vitality that comes from getting back outside and enjoying the fresh air. Sometimes associated with spring cleaning, it also is a chance for change or new and fresh starts.

To be honest, we had a very challenging and disturbing start this year, in personal- and in work-life. Most did, but not everything worked out the way we wanted and it left us sad, disappointed and feeling bad about ourselves a lot of times. Some broken things just can’t be healed, but we can learn from them, and always start over on a new page. A RESET if you want!

So …. How can you take advantage of this transformative time of year?

Plant New Seeds

Planting seeds in your garden at this time of year is a wonderful way to start a season of growth. What you can learn as you watch your garden grow also pertains to how you live your life. When you want to start something new, whether that is a new way of exercising, a new job, or a new relationship, you need to start by planting the seeds for those things.

Begin by knowing what you want, know why you want it and how you will feel when you have it. As you wait for your seeds to sprout, let your garden remind you to tend, to feed, and to have patience. When we plant seeds, we don’t dig them up to see if they have sprouted. We also don’t compare the growth of different crops. Everything comes in its time. This is also true of new plans, habits, and behavior.

Air Out

Spring weather welcomes you out from hibernation, so open your windows and take some deep breaths. Get out in the fresh air. Airing out can also mean taking the time to practice mindful breathing. The following are two breath exercises I like to use:


Spring cleaning includes dusting, vacuuming, and putting things away that may have come become chaotic over the winter season. Decluttering is also relevant to your mind. Paying attention to the thoughts you choose to see if the beliefs you currently have serve you can be really invigorating. Getting rid of self-defeating thought patterns will help you to feel lighter and more positive.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Some of your current habits are great. They support your health, career, and relationship goals. Those are the things you want to keep. But if you have patterns that don’t support you, SPRING is a good time to start new positive habits 😉

So here is your SPRING CHALLENGE:

  1. Make a spread with the theme NEW BEGINNINGS.
  2. Use at least one thing you bought, that is still in its wrapping because you never used it up to now. (in our case Embossingpowder and the Stazon white Inkset 😉


 With sincere thanks to Tamara Lechner / Deepak Chopra –

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