Stationery Cafe #6

– by Ruchama van Tricht –

For weeks we have been looking forward to the sixth Stationery Café with fountain pens as a theme. While walking to the store where the Sationery Café is located, you can already hear the ladies ( and one gentleman; the very first of six Stationery Cafés) chatting and laughing!

As soon as Desiree her eyes meet yours, she opens her arms and welcomes you with a bug hug and kiss.

It always make me smile to see how she is living her dream!                            I remember the first time I went to the Stationery Cafe and did not know anyone. In advance I was so nervous and now, six cafes later, I feel like I am having the best Sundays with a large group of friends.

It is such a blessing to spend time with like-minded people!

When everyone has found a spot at one of the three long tables and all our stuff is displayed, Stationery Café # 6 officially starts.                      Désiree welcomes us and explains todays planning.

                                              A live RoundRobin!

We all get a new Robiki  Notes notebook (in the webshop soon) that fits in our TN Standard and get challenged to put our favorite stamp, washitape and / or quote on the first page.

Then every five minutes we switch the book to your right neighbour and after 24 pages we get our own full book back.

It is so hilarious to see how everyone else reacts! Some panic and block completely, the other just starts and somebody else gets totally excited. We encourage each other while having so much fun to the stress that comes from this challenge.

In the meantime, you can take a look at the shop  full of beautiful Stationery or peak in the large donation box, that has been created, because everyone can brings things  they no longer want.

Take something out = put something in!


After 90 minutes of hard work hostess Lilian and her mom spoil us with a delicious, homemade lunch. We enjoy different sandwiches, homemade scones with clutted cream and marmelade, but also macarons and mini cupcakes. What a treat!

Now it is time for the fountain pens! Everyone gets a goodiebag with an Oprey Mini (eyedropper) fountain pen. Today’s special quest is (in my opinion, one of the Dutch fountain pens experts) Cheetarah, who prefers to call herself a great fountain pen lover.

She talks about her own love for fountain pens, but also teaches us the basics of how the fountain pen fits and how to fill the eyedropper.

Time to try it, we put on our latex gloves and there we go… giggling and with big eyes, we carefully try to get the ink with a pipette from the sample into the fountain pen. Just shake the pen a bit after it is properly closed and you can write with it!

A very special moment today is that Desiree is launching the new Osprey Milano Acrylic Fountainpens . Five beautiful fountain pens made of acrylic with pieces of resin.

The inserts we filled for eachother slowly end up at their owners.

How nice to be able to browse through 23 completely different pages in your notebook. A great reminder of a wonderful day, because unfortunately it is time to pack our stuff and go home.

After so many hours of chatting, trying put products and discovering new materials, lots of laughter and more chatting, your head is full and you are totally satisfied!

Stationery Cafe #7 is on sunday 10 june 2018, tickets are for sale here

We would love to welcome you too!


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