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Make a Summer Bucketlist! I always make a December Bucketlist, which brings me lots of fun. So I thought why not make one for SUMMER this year, at least I now have 3 months, with some vacationweeks in it, to check them all off 😉

Fun to do with the whole family, this shows you what they love, and builds on Family values and traditions !

Here’s mine:

  1. Send myself a card from a Touristic spot
  2. Eat a huge ice-cream
  3. Swim in nature or outside pool
  4. Take a long hike in nature with my journal
  5. Have cocktails on a terrace
  6. Take pictures and print them out
  7. Barbeque
  8. Read at least 3 books
  9. Eat watermelon
  10. Press flowers
  11. Watch Fireworks
  12. Play Mini golf
  13. Visit a Zoo
  14. Pick-nick outside
  15. Family Outing
  16. Visit a Museum
  17. Go for a swim with Zelda
  18. Make homemade Lemonade or Iced Tea
  19. Watch the Sunset
  20. Go to a outside Festival



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  1. By Sandry on

    Yaaay! I finally found you! I have been wanting to do something like this. I have NEVER joined ANYTHING online before, but, I am going to try this!


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