December Clipboard Challenge

December Clipboard Challenge

Welcome to the December Challenge everyone 🙂

Here are the DECEMBER PROMPTS 2019

You can interpret them anyway you want, use any technique or material you feel like as long as it fits on your Clipboard.

It does not have to be all about Christmas, winter and decemebr or however you celebrate end of the year is good too.

For the adventurous ones among us – here are some extra challenges:

1. Take the board somewhere else than your house, go outside with it, the shoppingmall, the forest , a Christmas show, the Cinema, make a crazy picture with it and post it on Social Media!

2. Use different techniques like embossing, water colour painting, just plain stamping, calligraphy, waxsealing, gold flakes, do think outside the box!


The Complete Clipboard kit is sold out, but we still sell the Clipboards separately here

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July Challenge


It really is summer now and lots of you are on vacation or are preparing for it.

If you have some time for Creativity feel welcome to join one or more of our challenges!

Don’t forget to do your CHECK-IN for July first!


JULY CHALLENGE #1  ( for #ProjectMe19)

Theme of this month is SUMMER HOME (or parts of it) – as in ‘home’, ‘building’, ‘apartment’ , ‘hotel’, tent, ‘camping’, ‘historical building’, ‘castle’ or ‘achitecture in the broadest sense’.

Have a ball !



JULY CHALLENGE #2 ( for #cafeanalogtalk )

To our great surprise the DAILY CHALLENGE #cafeanalogtalk became such a big success on Instagram, that we decided to do another one in July! This means we will use daily prompts. You will find the prompts at the bottom of the page.


You can work the prompts out in your usual ProjectME19 journal/notebook, but you can also take a separate insert, or grab a new notebook for it (you know you have some 😉 ) whatever you want!  For instance, use another size, make a MINI notebook, or a PHOTO album for a Picture a day, or just write this time and nothing else!

Follow this Challenge on Instagram too , so if you are joining use tag: #cafeanalogtalk

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Summer Challenge 2019



Make a Summer Bucketlist! I always make a December Bucketlist, which brings me lots of fun. So I thought why not make one for SUMMER this year, at least I now have 3 months, with some vacationweeks in it, to check them all off 😉

Fun to do with the whole family, this shows you what they love, and builds on Family values and traditions !

Here’s mine:

  1. Send myself a card from a Touristic spot
  2. Eat a huge ice-cream
  3. Swim in nature or outside pool
  4. Take a long hike in nature with my journal
  5. Have cocktails on a terrace
  6. Take pictures and print them out
  7. Barbeque
  8. Read at least 3 books
  9. Eat watermelon
  10. Press flowers
  11. Watch Fireworks
  12. Play Mini golf
  13. Visit a Zoo
  14. Pick-nick outside
  15. Family Outing
  16. Visit a Museum
  17. Go for a swim with Zelda
  18. Make homemade Lemonade or Iced Tea
  19. Watch the Sunset
  20. Go to a outside Festival



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