Little Folder by Yoojin

Another great little PAPER folder made by our ‘ paper magician ‘ Yoojin. To put in ephemera, secret notes or pictures, to add to snailmails or your journal!

All products are from our shop!

You can check the video out HERE

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Fien’s Journal – DIY blog

Journal with me in my Traveler’s notebook.

Hey here I am again!

Of course I am joining the maychallenge by Café Analog , I work on it in my Traveler’s notebook from  Travelers company. Of course you can choose for yoursel in what kind of notebook you do the challenge and Project me. I decorated my frontpage, but it is all about the inside of course. So let’s start.

I chose an empty page for my ‘Sunday fun’ prompt.

I started with a piece of old music paper, I rip it into the piece I want. Then I use a fun Stamp from the  Cafe Analog webshop. (sorry it is sold out)

I stamp it on the music paper, when that is done and the ink is dry, I am going to wrinkle the paper for a nice old and used effect.

I am glueing it on the righthand bottom .

Then I am using one of the labels by LinCHianing (soon will be coming back to the shop). My mother and me bought all 3 of the boxes , and my favorites are now in box nr.1 .  Then I wrote SUNDAY with my yellow Touch pen on top of the page.

Now I am going to use these super fun stamps! For the label I am using the Red Soramame Ink Beans. The Label stamp, I am using under the Sunday stamp, and I write ‘funday’ in it.

The other stamp goes on the fun paper that was also in the April Box. I tear off the sides .

Then I use the fun blue and yellow washi tape that also was in the box. Then I chose a pretty yellowish mushroom, it is from a secondhand book about Fungus from the thriftstore!

At the end I stamp around the places where there is too much white space. I also am adding the number  ‘12’ and a pointing finger stamp so the date is very clear too.

And …. tadaaaa!! This is how my finished page looks!

I hope you like it !

If you are participating in the maychallenge of Cafe Analog, please post your creations on instagram or facebook with the tag #cafeanalogtalk. You can find me there too:  @journal.with.fien

Have fun journaling!

See you next month

Kisses – Fien

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DIY Tutorial – Making your own stickers

 Hi everyone !

I am Fien, I am from  Belgium, I am 14  years old and from now on I am going to make DIY – TUTORIALS for you! I really hope more people of my age will join me in this Journaling adventure!

  1. Making your own stickers

We did this at last Stationery Cafe I visited with my mother !

This is what you need.

It doesn’t have to be totally the same of course.  This is just an example of how to make your own stickers! The white stickersheet you can buy in bookstores or online. You can use all kinds of shapes: circles, squares etc.

First we start with Distress Oxide . I am using my favorite colors. With a little (make-up) sponge I put the ink on. You can also use the Distress Ink already, but I am doing that in the next step.

Now take your favorite colour(s) Distress Ink and some nice stencils. I also use Distress Oxide for this, but you can choose yourself what works good for you. If you don’t have stencils, you can stamp with bubble-plastic for example to create texture!

The last and most fun step: lets stamp! Stamp away, dont think too long about where, later you can always add. Grab your favorite stamps and inks, you can find nice stamps in the webshop too.

This is the Endresult:

Now the stickers are ready for use! You can stick them everywhere in one piece or tear pieces (gives a cool effect too)

I made these at last Stationery Cafe :

I will make a monthly TUTORIAL, are you going to follow me?

See you next time !

Love, Fien

(Instagram: @journal.with.fien)