Write with Style – by Holly Lavender – part 1


Write with Style – by Holly Lavender

Recognize this?

  • You have no idea what to write or journal about.
  • Nothing happens in your little life nowadays.
  • No adventurous travels or philosophical rantings.
  • During this whole Corona thing you are locked inside and you are bored.
  • You made a beautiful  Journal page (or Enveloppe of present or label) and here comes the hard part!
  • Your handwriting just ruins it all. Why can’t you write as pretty as the rest of the world!?

Recognizable? It happens to me a lot! And I don’t feel like following another too serious Calligraphy course because I never follow up to those hours of drills. Nor do I have the money or time.

We are going to help you to a great and fast endresult. Even if you just copy what we did here! Please go ahead!!

Coming 4 weekends, we will present you with Alphabets AND cool and mindful Quotes. To keep up the spirits in these harsh times , so all you have to do is add some pretty washi stickers or stamps (Plenty of those in our SHOP) for a mindblowing endresult 🙂

What do you need:

1. Dip pen or Fountain pen with flex nib or calligraphy nib. Or to start with just use a normal fountainpen or soft 2B pencil

2. Ink from a pot’/ well

3. Start with a short Quote – like ‘Carpe Diem’ or ‘Hurray … It is Spring!’

You can download todays alphabet  HERE

We hope you all join! We are looking forward to your posts!


Find 2 of Holly’s inspirational videos : HERE and HERE

Lots of love, hang in and on!

Holly Lavender  Instagram @holly.lavender.official

& Desiree @cafeanalog17

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