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Hi, everyone! In 2024, we’ll give away the prompts for our monthly Cafe Analog’s friendly journaling challenge #caprojectme24 periodically, to add a bit of freshness and spontaneity! 😀

And the design prompt for this month is THE GIFT(S) OF LOVE & FRIENDSHIP. With Valentine’s season around the corner, we think it will be a great prompt to jump into! 🙂

Have you ever received a gift or happy mail from your stationery friends? A bunch of ephemera, stamped paper, tape cut-outs? Or do you receive lovely notes from your stationery purchase—some paper bundles or samples that go along with your orders? Have someone gifted something to you: an ink, a pen, a stamp, a sticker sheet? Or have you ever bought a stationery item as a gift to yourself?

This month, we’d like you to choose these stationery gifts and use them in your February spread! Surely, you can combine these “gifts” with other stationery items you have! Just be creative and enjoy the warm feeling of appreciating these gifts and incorporating them into your journal pages!

If you join this #caprojectme24 challenge, you can also share the story about the stationery gift you chose for the spread, and who gave it to you! We hope this challenge will also remind us that stationery love is something to share! And cheers to all stationery friends—both online and offline—that we’ve met throughout the years! 🙂

These are some February writing prompts you can choose for the #caprojectme24 (you can choose one or work on all of them weekly):


Create a page with a journal entry dedicated to the person who inspired you the most in your creative journey. They can be a person you know, or someone you follow on social media… it doesn’t matter. Take time to appreciate how this person has helped you enjoy your creative adventure so far and inspire you to keep creating!


List down some favorite creative accounts you enjoy or stationery friends you’ve stumbled upon throughout your creative journey these past few years! What do you like about them and what do you appreciate most about them?


How can you give the gift of love and friendship to yourself? What can you do to love and befriend yourself more this month? What kind of friend would you like to be for yourself?


Make lists of “14 Loving Words”, listing down 14 loving words you can say to yourself or others this month. It could be something simple like, “I appreciate what you do,” or “It’s okay, take it slow, keep going.” If you like, you can say these words to the people in your life (or to yourself!)—but you can also keep these words and reread them when you’re feeling down 🙂

If you are doing this #caprojectme24 at the end of February, you can also write down a recap of your month, highlighting important events or life lessons you’ve experienced.

Feel free to be creative and choose/translate/modify the prompts as you like! You can also tag us with #caprojectme24 to share your page with our Cafe Analog community!

Have fun, experiment, make a mess, and most importantly: enjoy your journaling time!

Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash

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