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Fien’s Journal – DIY blog

Journal with me in my Traveler’s notebook.

Hey here I am again!

Of course I am joining the maychallenge by Café Analog , I work on it in my Traveler’s notebook from  Travelers company. Of course you can choose for yoursel in what kind of notebook you do the challenge and Project me. I decorated my frontpage, but it is all about the inside of course. So let’s start.

I chose an empty page for my ‘Sunday fun’ prompt.

I started with a piece of old music paper, I rip it into the piece I want. Then I use a fun Stamp from the  Cafe Analog webshop. (sorry it is sold out)

I stamp it on the music paper, when that is done and the ink is dry, I am going to wrinkle the paper for a nice old and used effect.

I am glueing it on the righthand bottom .

Then I am using one of the labels by LinCHianing (soon will be coming back to the shop). My mother and me bought all 3 of the boxes , and my favorites are now in box nr.1 .  Then I wrote SUNDAY with my yellow Touch pen on top of the page.

Now I am going to use these super fun stamps! For the label I am using the Red Soramame Ink Beans. The Label stamp, I am using under the Sunday stamp, and I write ‘funday’ in it.

The other stamp goes on the fun paper that was also in the April Box. I tear off the sides .

Then I use the fun blue and yellow washi tape that also was in the box. Then I chose a pretty yellowish mushroom, it is from a secondhand book about Fungus from the thriftstore!

At the end I stamp around the places where there is too much white space. I also am adding the number  ‘12’ and a pointing finger stamp so the date is very clear too.

And …. tadaaaa!! This is how my finished page looks!

I hope you like it !

If you are participating in the maychallenge of Cafe Analog, please post your creations on instagram or facebook with the tag #cafeanalogtalk. You can find me there too:  @journal.with.fien

Have fun journaling!

See you next month

Kisses – Fien

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