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What is a Hanko?

In Japan, people do not sign documents with their name; They use stamps. They are called Inkan (印鑑) or Hanko (判子) and every individual in Japan has one.

Usually they translate their last name into Kanji characters.

If you live in Japan, when you have to set up a bank account, apply for a phone, sign a job contract…something that requires your signature, you use your own personal stamp instead of a handwritten signature.

The price of a Hanko stamp is determined by three things: material, shape and size.

The Hanko stamps we offer are all handmade in Japan by a professional Hanko Artist.

It comes in a little bag and we will add red japanese stamp ink.

SIZE of the stamp
a. 1,5 x 1,5 cm


You can choose here (see pics)

  • your name in Kanji (simple , hard or long names cost more)
  • a symbol in Kanji (fe. Love / Happiness / Dream / Joy )
  • a symbol in Kanji with english translation underneath

If you have a question about above PLEASE MAIL US FIRST :


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