016. Penholder (M) TRAVELER’S notebook




016. Penholder (M) TRAVELER’S notebook

Although the functionality of a penholder seems straight forward, before Midori developed this one for its TRAVELER’S notebook range, penholders were rather absent. Nowadays a lot of big brands in the game developed penholders too, either incorporated in the notebook or as a single add-on like this one. Aside of the obvious functional advantage, the design of Midori is unmatched.

This 016. Penholder-type holds the ‘body‘ of your pen, so the leather loop is wide.

Comes in 4 colors : Blue, Black, Brown and Camel

Measures 2.4 x 6,5 x 1 cm
5,3 x 12 x 1 cm (Packaging)
Metal clip, Leather pen holder

Made in China

Extra informatie

GewichtNiet beschikbaar

Reg Black, Reg Blue, Reg Brown, Reg Camel


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