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Ichiba Owl inkpad




Ichiba Owl inkpad

These are especially for the diehard Japan- and genuine authentic Stationery  Lovers among us. Our Stationery Detective finally got her hands on them and is very excited to share these with you.

About Hakuhodo Saburo Sumitan Shoten

In 1611, when Toshinaga Maeda, the lord of the Kaga domain, called on seven craftsmen from Kunitani Minami Kawachi (currently Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture), the history of Takaoka Copperware that lasted over 400 years began.

Weapons and armor, vase, tea utensils, Buddhist fittings, jewelry, and even the Great Buddha up to 15 meters long, the manufacturing methods and processing techniques cultivated in the process of producing various copper products are now used for iron, aluminum, tin, etc. Expanded to metal.

Color your life in a fun way.

Tools of Saburo Sumitani Store always has some function, it is of course important that the tool is easy to use and convenient. However, if we have tools that are easy to use, convenient, and “fun”, we think that our lives will become more colorful.

Many of the products handled by Saburo Sumiya are designed with traditional Japanese patterns and tools, as well as familiar flora and fauna. This is an expression of Saburo Sumiya’s desire to “enrich people’s hearts and lifestyles through products.”

Another characteristic of Saburo Sumiya is that we are focusing on products that enhance the taste by continuing to use them. Please not only decorate it on a shelf or store it in a drawer, but also use it generously in your daily life. We also offer reasonably priced products, so we recommend it as a small gift for those who have taken care of and as a reward for yourself who worked hard.

The red meat pond designed by Japan’s leading craftsman Tadahiro Baba with an owl motif has a humorous shape. Leave them on the table when not in use and enjoy their funny and cute appearance.

While cherishing its traditional manufacturing methods and craftsmanship, it incorporates a modern design, and in recent years Nanbu Tekki has become very popular at cafes and interior shops in Paris and London. The durable and long-lasting iron tools can be used for a long time, not only for life, but also for 2 or 3 generations.

If you own HANKO stamps, or those little wood Kyukando peg stamps, this will look so cool on your desk!

There are 3 styles, in two colors

st 122 – owl corner pad in brown / width 45 x thickness 32 x height 112 mm

st123 – owl belly in brown / width 85 x 100 mm x 2o high (as big as your hand)

st 124 – square owl in black / width 58 x thickness 21 x depth 58 mm


■Weight: approx 388g
■Design: Owl
■Material: Iron (Southern Ironware)
■Designer: Tadahiro Baba (Craft Designer)

■Production: Made in Japan Toya Prefecture Takaoka City Toyacho

Additional information

Weight N/A

122 brown, 123 brown, 124 black

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