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Awagami Editioning Papers


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Awagami Editioning Papers

are crafted at the Awagami Paper Mill in Japan, with the artistry and knowledge of 300 years of papermaking. The papers are made with traditional Japanese fibers such as kozo and gampi, as well as other fibers such as bamboo and cotton.

Two years ago, Awagami launched its super-easy-to-understand “Editioning” line of ten high-quality papers for printmaking, drawing and watercolor. The response to the papers and their compact counter display has been overwhelming.

Artists can pick Japanese paper without feeling intimidated. The collection is now available in a convenient  set that contains two sheets of each paper wrapped in a hand-made brochure that both clearly states their features and benefits and shows a swatch for easy identification.

The Pack includes Kitakata, Hosho, Bunkoshi, Hakuho, Okawara, Kozo, Shiramine, and Bamboo varieties.

The samples are cut from original full sheets

Contains : 20 sheets (2 of each)

Measures :  210 x 260 mm  / 8 ½”x 10 ½”

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Weight 155 g
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