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AWAGAMI – Mixed Colored Blocks (150 sheets) – Washi Paper


AWAGAMI – Mixed Colored Blocks (150 sheets) – Washi Paper

I love this block because there are so many washi sheets (150 of these beauties!!!) in a set that can last for the whole year! Plus, they have different beautiful shades and textures in a set, making it so rich with adventure as you flip them one by one. I especially enjoy them for layering inside my journal pages, as they are delicate and thin and do not add too much bulk to your journal. It can sometimes be tricky to use dotliners to paste them on your page due to the texture, but a normal GLOO would work fine 🙂 Stamp your favorite images on it and cut along the lines, making your stamp stand out on the page. Paste your washi tapes on top before cutting the shapes—making your washi have different nuances and textures.

From Awagami Factory: “Big color-coordinated washi packs perfect for the paper lover in your life. Use for Mini Origami, paper crafts, journaling, collage, etc… (try them w/ our washi glue). A great value and one of Awagami’s most popular products of all-time.”

Available in 4 color shades:

  1. White – perfect for lovers of neutral colors
  2. Blue – if you love deep, rich, but soft shades of blue in your journal
  3. Yellow – for that sunny playfulness, lovely autumn brown and oranges
  4. Green – the perfect ones for spring and to combine with floral designs/washi

150 sheets per set, 7.5 x 7.5 cm

Photos courtesy of Awagami Factory

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