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BK Stamps – Always & Forever, Metamorphosis


Baum-Kuchen Stamps

We are so superproud to bring these high quality Baum-Kuchen products to Europe!


BK Always & Forever Stamp

We have always gravitated to the idea of “Always + Forever” in our relationship with our loved ones. We appreciate that it requires our actions from every day to create something long-lasting and beautiful.

As we flipped through a vintage gardening book during our stay in Europe, we came upon a page where it described different messages garden layouts could be embedded with. One of them was the forever love, and we knew that it was a sweet inspiration to conceptualize the design.

We hope that you will be able to continue to celebrate small milestones throughout the course of the relationship as a chain of infinite hearts represent.

Material: Rubber stamp with wooden handle

Dimension: L 1″ x W 1″

Designed By: Baum-Kuchen in California


BK Metamorphosis Stamp

“Change is the only constant” is an ever resonating concept for Baum-kuchen studio/shop as well as our BK family. Even though some changes bring discomfort and an uphill battle in life, we thrive to embrace the lessons and insights that come with it. The design was inspired by a “glasswing butterfly” which has unique transparent wings that are both delicate and strong.

We hope to be as graceful as this glasswing butterfly when we embark on our next adventure that will surely bring new changes!

Material: Rubber stamp with wooden handle

Dimension: L 1″ x H 0.75″

Designed By: Baum-Kuchen in California



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