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BK Tape No.003 // Metamorphosis


BK Tape No.003 // Metamorphosis

Ever wonder what goes through Frido’s minds when he designs? These sketches and loose drawings are little odds and ends that can be found in Frido’s sketchbooks. They’re mostly sketches from his time in Germany in 2018. In the details of the tapes, you can enjoy finding iterations for BK original stamps, namely Analogue Refill, Slow Express, and Metamorphosis as well as some personal notes jotted down both in English and German.

Ame took a lead in composing the overall tape design and very much enjoyed adding the subtle hints to one of Frido’s forever ongoing design “Cake is Love” as well as cute balloons that are a nod to our BK 10th anniversary.


1″ width

Designed By: Baum-kuchen   

Sorry it's sold out 😭

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