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BlackMilk Project – Moments II – Word Frame – Stamp


BlackMilk Project – Moments II – Word Frame – Stamp

Moments II is the extended version of a limited edition series from BlackMilk Project MOMENTS—with 30 limited boxes in conjunction with a local stationery market. As it sold out very quickly, they decided to come up with Moments II, and we’re happy to get them to the shop for you! The rubber stamps will be made as a limited release until the end of the year 2023 and will not be restocked thereafter.

We think these stamps are beautiful and gorgeous, and really carry that “Autumn” vibe and the signature design of the BlackMilk Project. Definitely something you’d like to add to your collection if you’re a fan of them!!!

Word frame (2cm x 4cm), wood + rubber

Photos courtesy of BlackMilk Project, all rights reserved.

Sorry it's sold out 😭

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