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Blind Date with Stationery – Playful & Whimsical – Coffee Date


Blind Date with Stationery – Playful & Whimsical – Coffee Date

Inspired by “Blind Date with a Book”—we created this Blind Date with Stationery during our Cafe Analog Holiday Festival 🙂 If you see this bundle, you have the chance to grab it! A coffee date is short and sweet—just like this bundle that consists of 3 stationery items with playful and whimsical aesthetics.

Do you love popping colors and wonky shapes? Do you love carnivals, amusement parks, and plush toys? Do you enjoy seeing something cute that reminds you of child-like wonder and makes you want to smile or giggle? Then we think you will love this bundle!

What’s inside is of course a secret! But rest assured, that you will get the 3 items at an amazing price 😀

*) This is a promotional bundle during our CAFE ANALOG HOLIDAY FESTIVAL and refund/cancellation is not possible. Please consider this before purchasing. Photo is for illustration purposes only.

Sorry it's sold out 😭


ABOUT CAFE ANALOG HOLIDAY FESTIVAL. Hi, everyone! You know we love stationery fe(a)st here in Cafe Analog 🙈🤣😂 so we want to throw a Holiday Festival throughout the month–from 19:00 CET on the 4th of December until the 25th of December!!! 🎉🎉🎉❤️🎄

What to expect:

1. We will have surprise stationery bundles pop up on our shop unannounced, a few of them every day! 🙆🏻🎉✨

2. We will also have random giveaways on our Instagram throughout the Holiday Festival, but instead of winning something for yourself, we want to share the love: a friend of yours can also win when you win! Stay tuned for details! 🎉🎉🎉

3. Are you purchasing a container from our shop during this Holiday Festival? Maybe a tote bag, a pencil case, a pouch, or a steel/wooden box? Then it will not come empty! There will be gifts and surprises inside!!! 😍😍😍

4. Feeling adventurous? Inspired by the “blind date with a book” initiative, we will host Blind Date with Stationery in our shop, where you will see a certain description on a stationery bundle (you won’t see what’s inside!!!) and then decide if that sounds like your stationery match and if you want to grab it! 💑💕💑

We hope you will have fun during the Holiday Festival, and share the love of stationery with one another. Stay kind, stay warm, stay creative, and I wish you a lovely December! 🌲❤️🎉✨💕☕❄️

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Weight 200 g
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