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Cafe Analog – Paper Party Pack


Cafe Analog – Paper Party Pack

Can’t decide which memo pads, label books, frame cards, or other pretty paper sets to get from Cafe Analog’s shop? Now is your chance to grab this PAPER PARTY PACK—a treasure trove of over 50 sheets of paper wonders from memopads/label books/frame cards/notepads/letter sets of BlinksofLife, Cozyca, Classiky, Awagami Factory, Big Hands, JournalPages, OedaLetterpress, Sora, Yohaku, MiaoStelle, Nove, Kamiterior, and many more! Try and choose your new favorites, discover new ways of working with paper, cut the illustrations, stamp, layer, make collages… have fun with your paper party this spring! Also, this is the perfect pack for those of you who are new to journaling and want to add some lovely paper collections for your journal spreads! 

50++ sheets of paper, mixed. Each pack may contain different sheets with different designs from a set/a book.

Sorry it's sold out 😭

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