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Cafe Analog – Stationery Sentiment – Ink Spill – Stamp


Cafe Analog – Stationery Sentiment – Ink Spill – Stamp

From our own Cafe Analog studio, this autumn we are launching our new collection, “Stationery Sentiment”!

I am having fun designing this collection, as these are some stamps I would like to have for myself! 😀 I always love a good word stamp that can still be loveable for years and years to come, and creating one to capture stationery sentiments—all the feelings that unite us all in this supportive, warm, and friendly community—is something that feels really close to my heart! The stamp also comes with such a beautiful engraving of the Cafe Analog logo on the side! 😉

This one is an Ink Spill stamp, that is fitting for everyone who loves ink and fountain pens, and enjoys creating ink samples or sending ink sample cards in their happy mails, to send to fellow ink lovers! Imagine stamping it on ink sample cards or your very own ink journals to write your thoughts and reviews about your latest ink collection!

6 x 3 cm, wood handle + green rubber, made in the Netherlands

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