Clairefontaine A4 Paperpads – Kraft / Vellum




Clairefontaine A4 Paperpads – Kraft / Vellum

This machine-glazed Kraft paper (one side smooth and shiny the other matt) has an attractive appearance. This ribbed paper is very similar to the Ingres and laid papers. It is made with long natural unbleached virgin fibers. 100% natural, it is also 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Its unique mechanical strength, flexibility and printability enable various uses either in wrapping or in drawing.

Since we ourselves were always looking for these, we bought them for our shop as soon as we tracked them down!

You know all those great paper tutorials on snailmail, enveloppes and other happymail stuff? We found the perfect A4 Paperpads for you, for endless creating with the highest quality paper in Kraft and Vellum.


KRAFT – 100 sheets of lightly ribbed smooth A4 Kraft paper – 90 gramms

VELLUM – 50 sheets of smooth Vellum tracing paper – 90 gramms (useable for inkjet and laserprinting too!)

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Kraft, Vellum


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