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Cotton Linen Book Cover – A6 size – Yellow Green


Cotton Linen Book Cover – A6 size – Yellow Green

A loved item from our July Stationery Box 2023, now we release some new designs for you—this is also perfect as a gift! 🙂 This beautiful 11 cm x 16 cm (A6) cotton linen book cover from Kyoto is a gem! When you buy a book in a Japanese bookstore, they usually ask if you want to get a cover for it. Then, for free, the shopkeeper will make a paper book cover for you on the spot that fits the exact size of your book! Most Japanese people love to use book covers because they give them privacy (other people can’t see which book they’re reading) and protect their books from getting dirty or folded. So wrap your favorite paperback novel with this book cover, or use it to cover your plain, thick A6 notebook, like the MD/Midori A6 notebook. I use it also for my MD A6 1 day 1 page for 2024 😀

made in Japan

Sorry it's sold out 😭

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