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Cafe Analog TN Refill with exclusive cover by Desiree




Cafe Analog TN Refill with exclusive Cover by Desiree 

Every now and then I like to sit down and collage away on a TN Refill Cover.

The theme will be different everytime: it may be Japanese, botanical, nature, vintage or just seasonal.

I don’t want the pressure to have to make a lot at once, so I will just upload a few every now and then by surprise, and you can see if you like it. The refills can be lined, gridded, MD blank or dot-grid in an original Regular size Travelers Notebook.

It takes me an evening to make these and I use genuine ephemera, postage stamps and pictures, no copies or fake stuff. So that is how I came up with this price, it really is worth it.

I am sorry, I am not taking custom orders, because sadly enough my day has only 24 hours 🙂 but you can ask me to do a certain size /type cover (Reg or Passport, lined, grid or blanc)


JAPAN themed –

Nara –  Dot grid MD Paper Refill 026 – 64 pages – Size regular – SOLD OUT

Kobe – Grid Refill MD Paper Refill 002 – 64 pages 5 x 5 mm grid


PS: If you put this on your WISHLIST you will get an automated email, telling you there is a new one for sale. Then you can see if you like it ! Every cover is different.

Additional information

Weight 96 g

Nara, Kobe

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