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JAPANESE Best Stickers




JAPANESE Best Stickers

Three years ago – when we visited Japan for the first time – we found these amazing Maiko (Geisha Apprentice) stickers in beautiful paper and colors.

We hoarded them for ever, and then finally started using them, for little miniature collages and couldn’t stop! When they were finished we were so sad, ant that is where the hunt started for these beautiful stickers. Well – as you can see we found them! We are SO happy and we can now make collages forever.

We hope you will enjoy these too!

They come in 6 styles:

  1. Wagasa Umbrella 339
  2. Sensu Fan 321
  3. Washi Ningyou 312
  4. Japanese Fan  408
  5. Kimono 342
  6. Maiko 318

1 Stickersheet per type, exclusive Japanese paper with goldfoil

Additional information

Weight N/A

1. Wagasa Umbrella 339, 2. Sensu Fan 321, 3. Washi Ningyou 312, 4. Japanese Fan 408, 5. Kimono 342, 6. Maiko 318

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