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JieYanow Atelier Slow living collection




JieYanow Atelier Slow living collection

Jieyanow Atelier (@jieyanow.atelier on Instagram) is a visionary of little things in life that matters. We believe in beauty that lies in the little detail.

We are so glad to share with you her new collection, dropping on 7th February 2021 entitled ‘Slow Living’.

Thoughts and plans were overturned in the past year. On spur of moments, the activities that once packed our schedule are cancelled and we are left to re-evaluate what really matters.  The pandemic anxiety, the future so peculiar makes mindfulness really important now.

Slow living is all about taking a slower approach to everyday life. Turn off the chaos, hold a step back from the daily grind. Engage in the joys of life from reading a good old book, picking fresh flowers for your living room, lighting your fancy candle, diffusing your favourite scent, splashing out a bottle of champagne just because.

You will be amazed by the things you can see, only when you slow down.
We hope they bring you closer to joy and happiness, journaling about everyday moments and the little things that matter.

All the craftsmanship, attention to detail, high quality solid wood holder with layers of sanding buffing coating you have come to expect. Products are carefully mounted by hand. Every piece has its own character and uniqueness. We assure you will love using them.

Breathe slowly, Eat slowly, Love Deeply.

Slow Living collection consists of 5 designs

  • Old Books,
  • Candles,
  • Diffuser,
  • Vase,
  • Champagne

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Old Books, Candles, Diffuser, Vase, Champagne

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