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Kamio Color Swatch Washi stickerbook

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Kamio Color Swatch Washi stickerbook

Kamio Color Swatch Washi Sticker Booklets include little washi cut-outs in squares, circles and long thin strips.

You can use them as adhesive tape in your journal, planner or on a letter, or decoratively and organizationally to color code and label. Each sticker has a watercolor effect, giving them almost a hand painted look, instantly adding charm and a handmade feeling to any note or journal entry you are using them for.

Since all the stickers are contained in a neat little booklet, you can easily bring them around with you by slipping them into the side pocket of your notebook or book cover.

  • Dimensions (of booklet): 1.8 in (4.5 cm) x 3.2 in (8.2 cm)
  • 114 stickers
  • Swatch booklet of assorted washi shapes and sizes

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Multi vivid, Multi Pastel, Pink, Yellow, Green, Purple, Dark Blue

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