KOKUYO Dot Glue Compact & Refills




KOKUYO Dot Glue Compact & Refills

One of the tools we love to use at the Stationery Cafe is this Dot Glue liner. Actually we are now officially hooked on them

Dot Liner is an adhesive tape roller and it was released in 2005 by Kokuyo. As you roll, the double-sided tape automatically rolls out and sticks to the surface. Since the tape is sticky on both sides, dispensing became a challenge when they first developed the idea. To solve this challenge, Kokuyo came up with dotted glue on the tape.

If you look closely, the tiny blue glue dots are arranged with spacing in between. These dots not only make it easy to dispense right away, but also prevent the paper from wrinkling! This is really amazing! AND: the double-sided tape can be removed with an eraser.

It’s a great tool for journaling, scrapbooking, and at our shop we love to use it to seal envelopes.



  • 8.4mm x 11 meter / 22 gram
  • 5.9cm x 2.3cm x 9.8cm

Now also available are the REFILLS 1 or 3-pack       2.7cm x 1.9cm x 7cm – 11 meter

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Gewicht52 g

Dotliner Original, Dotliner Refill, Refill 3-pack


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