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Kokuyo Harinacs press compact


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Kokuyo Harinacs press compact

Have you seen this, we are in love! A stapler without staples! Upto 5 sheets it can take to ‘staple’ together , this means something for your collages and papers and tags.

Binding paper without using a staple. The binding part is smart: a press-lock type that binds the paper without crimping it. You can bind the paper beautifully in the casual binding section. When you want to remove it, you can easily remove it. You can easily remove the binding paper by simply rubbing the binding with a hard object such as a pen cap. The binding part is not bulky.  The binding part does not become thick, so it is not bulky when stacked.

● Compact design / palm size, can be placed or handheld. ● It can be folded at both corners and sides.

W110 x H155 x D35mm

Comes in WHITE

Additional information

Weight 240 g
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