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Kokuyo – JIBUN TECHO – Diary 2022




Kokuyo – JIBUN TECHO – Diary 2022

Kokuyo presents a unique approach to planners with the Jibun Techo. Rather than being limited to a single calendar year, the Jibun Techo is designed to last your whole life. In Japanese, “jibun” (ジブン) means “myself” and “techo” (手帳) means planner. True to its name, this planner system is customizable to your lifestyle and needs.

This year, the Jibun Techo celebrates the 11 th anniversary of its release. Its innovative 3-in-1 system was first developed by advertising creator Hideaki Sakuma.

This Diary comes in different colors and sizes and starts in NOVEMBER 2021


  • A5 slim 210 mm x 125 mm
  • Mini / B6 slim  182 mm x 113 mm

We have for you

  1. Diary 2022 Indigo – A5 slim
  2. Diary 2022 Yellow – A5 slim
  3. Diary 2022 Pink – Mini/B6
  4. Diary 2022 White – Mini/B6

Read more about it’s contents and how abouts here


Additional information

Weight N/A
Type / color

Diary 2022 Indigo – As slim, Diary 2022 Yellow – A5 slim, Diary 2022 Pink – Mini/B6, Diary 2022 White – Mini/B6

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