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Kuretake Karappo Self-Ink pens


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Kuretake Karappo Self-Ink pens

… are the new and hot thing in Japan ! They even won BEST PRODUCT in last big Stationery show in Tokyo. People in the penworld are very enthusiast about this.

We added a bag of 5 pens to our shop! We were so excited about these, and had some hours of fun filling ours. You fill them with your favorite fountainpen inks! Even if you are not a fountain pen fan, you can still use those beautiful inks that are around!

You just dip the fillers in the inkpot. And wait until it is all filled. Easy as that!

There are handy Youtube videos , but it is very easy really. They write very smoothly – try it out!

Watch a how to use video HERE



Kuretake Karappo Pen was created to be used with water-based ink colors that allows you to customize your own color. Each Karappo pen comes with an empty core. To use, simply dip the core inside your favorite water-based ink color, wait until the ink soaks up the core to 80% (do not soak till the top to avoid spilling when capped), remove excess ink on paper towel, place the core inside the pen, plug the pen with the provided seal (tight to avoid spilling but not too tightly so reopening it for refill is possible), and your Karappo Pen will now write with your favorite ink color!

You can use Fountain Pen ink (no glitter) with this pen, darker color for better visibility, without glitter to avoid blockage. You can also use any water-based fountain pen ink that you have. We do not recommend any other ink, we are not responsible for the loading of inks other than water-based fountain pen inks.

Important Note: Manufacturer states that this is a disposable and non-refillable pen. However, it has been known to be possible that it could be *refilled.

Do not cap the seal too tightly so refill is possible. Once the ink runs out, the seal in the back of the pen can be removed to refill the core (with a pair of skillful hands and tool like small thin flat screwdriver).


*Only refill with the same color ink as what you have loaded to your pen.

*Do not wash the core.

*If you do not have skillful hands, please refrain from refilling.

*We are not responsible for pen damage due to attempt of refilling.

*Safety first. Avoid hurting yourself in the process.


Please note:

  • Please use only water-based ink.
  • Due to the nature of the material, ink colors dispensed by the pen may be different from a glass pen or fountain pen.
  • We recommend darker color inks with no glitter for better visibility as color will lighten when dispensed.
  • If you use ink other than water-based ink, there is a possibility that the ink will not flow smoothly through the pen tip, result in blockage, etc.
  • Once the end plug is inserted firmly, it cannot be removed. The ink inside is disposable and non-refillable. Therefore, our tip is to not insert it too firmly so you can still remove end plug with flat screwdriver. Only refill with same color ink and do not wash core with water. Most importantly, experiment and have fun!



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