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Little Word Stamps

How cute are these Catslife press stamps? Little stamps with keywords and phrases to use in journaling, for snailmailing on presents, etc.

We have seen them pop up on Instagram posts from all over the world, so we had to have them too, ….

They come in many different styles:

  1. Kindness matters
  2. Life is good
  3. Life is in the details
  4. It’s the little things
  5. Dream a little dream
  6. Bracket
  7. Quotation Mark
  8. Hugs and Kisses
  9. Le bonheur ..
  10. Love
  11. Enjoy today
  12. Love this day
  13. Best day ever
  14. What a day
  15. Choose love
  16. Love this
  17. With love
  18. Merry Everything
  19. Merry Xmas
  20. Season’s Greetings
  21. Noteworthy
  22. Snailmail
  23. One of a kind
  24. Un peu beaucoup
  25. A day to remember
  26. This is me


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Kindness matters, Life is good, Life is in the details, It's the little things, Dream a little dream, Bracket, Quotation Mark, Hugs and Kisses, Le bonheur .., Love, Enjoy today, Love this day, Best day ever, What a day, Choose love, Love this, With love, Merry Everything, Merry Xmas, Season's Greetings, Noteworthy, Snailmail, One of a kind, Un peu beaucoup, A day to remember, This is me


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