Little words by Yeoncharm


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Little words by Yeoncharm

A new product and a new designer for us from Taiwan!

About Yeoncharm
Hey there it’s Emma, the artist behind YC. Drawing dancing singing reading… anything I could do in my room makes my day. I want to live my life and enjoy everything I own in the moment. I strongly believe that there lies the surprise and fun in everything I do. That is why I spend so much time being my own company in my small place, where YC goods are created.The shop started from small random ideas and scribbles. As a night thinker, I keep a diary before i crawl into bed, which is like trying to save and keep the magic before the spell broken on the last stroke of twelve. No one knows what the future holds but I can do my best to keep those sparkling moments I had and grow old with them. Thus, Yeoncharm is here for me and you.
We have 7 Rubber stamps for you of her collection:
Nightthinker | Daydreaming | All day long | On the road | Pure Magic | Love | Note to Self |


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Nightthinker, Daydreaming, All day long, On the road, Pure Magic, Love, Note to Self


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