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MD Fountainpen -NEW-




The MD Fountain Pen is well-suited for MDPAPER™and enables users to take pleasure in the act of writing. The grip can be held lightly, as if using a pencil, and allows even those who are new to fountain pens to write smoothly with ease and without finger slippage.

In addition, the curved nib enables users to enjoy smooth, comfortable writing with minimal smudging at any angle. Product FeaturesLight body and easy-to-hold grip.

This fountain pen feels as light as a pencil and is easy to hold. The grip on the neck prevents fingers from slipping. The medium thickness of the nibstrikes a good balance between fineness and strength, suitable for use in scenarios ranging from sketchingideas to writing diaries, letters and message cards.

An ink cartridge is also included with the pen, meaning it is ready to use right out of the box.

Pen nib designed for smooth writing. The distinctive nib is curved like a bird’s beak and allows smooth writing with minimal smudging at any angle. This enables users to enjoy any type of writing in comfort.

Main body design befitting of MD PAPER PRODUCTS.

The design features a stylish stainlesssteel cap combined with a cream-colored body inspired by MD PAPER. The MDPAPER logo engraved on the nib adds a subtle accent. MD Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges will also be sold separately to allow the pen to be used over the long term. Two colors of cartridges are available, the standard black and a deep blue-black. Enjoy comfortablewriting all day, every day


Pen nib: steel,

Character width: medium,

Cartridge(black):1 included

Size Main body: H133×diameter 11mm

Separate Ink Cartridges Details:  6 cartridges per pack Size: H38×diameter7mm

Color: 2 colors in total: black/blue-black

You can read and see more about the MD Fountainpen here : NEW MD Fountain Pen


Additional information

Weight 150 g
type product

Fountain pen, Cartridge Blue/Black, Cartridge Black

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